April 26, 2010


Got my etsy shop started tonight and started with listing my towels. What a task! Whew.... Isnt technology meant to be ran by humans? Or is it the other way around? My picture is me celebrating on the top of the world for my accomplishment.

For being a Monday, today went pretty fast. Still working on Vacation Guide ads and now onto Mother's Day too. Makes the days go faster and hopefully the checkbook grow.

My good news today is that I may have my home rented! Once it is completed, I will be able to breath easier and even catch up on some things. I wont count my eggs before they hatch though. Instead will cross my fingers and toes for now.

I am looking for instructions on how to add my etsy shop to my blog page. Any teachers out there?

Off to walk the dogs and catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz......

Good night to all. TJB

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