October 31, 2010


Can you believe it is that bewitching time again?  Weather is cold and foggy, so fits the date thats for sure.

I am going to spend the day painting windows and swapping summer clothes for winter clothes.  C is traveling across the state for some training and a test.

I did not get much our for decorations this year, but oh I sure cant wait for Christmas decor!  (Too soon?!?!!)

Time to rinse the highlights before shipping out the man.  Happy Halloween to all!!  Be safe and stay warm.


October 21, 2010


What a week it has been!  I cannot believe it is almost Friday once again.  No complaints as I am counting down the hours and minutes until I get my mom and dad time! This weekend we are off to see my parents, then back onto the road to the beautiful Black Hills.  Will be a weekend of work but will be with great company.  I have been trying to narrow down where I want to eat and there are just to many to choose from!!! 

I have finally been able to pull last weekends pictures off the camera. 
We went out 4 wheeling with a great group
 of people and had such a great time!  Couple of hours out in the fields, great grilling and another hour or so of target shooting was a great way to lead into tough week.
Off to pack for that mom and dad time!!  Have a great weekend!
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October 11, 2010


 FINALLY!  We are done with the yellow painting on our house.  How can this happen:  I feel like we just started with the first brush stroke, I looked down to redip my brush and when I look up the summer is gone and Ive just finished the last brush stroke?
We have a lot of little projects to finish yet before winter hits, but we took a sigh of relief last night after clean up.
It is nice to step back to say "Look what we did this summer," but I sure am excited for next summer when we get to sit and enjoy it!
Stay tuned for comparison pictures! Be sure you are buckled into your seat so the shock doesnt tip you over!
CHEERS to a summer of hardwork and great accomplishments.  A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all that helped, we could have never done it without you!!!!
Thank you sincerely,


   October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and the BULLDOGS participated in the fun by hosting a event night that included everything pink you can think of, a cake walk, trinket sales, a ribbon competition, etc.
  Dressed in pink dyed socks, pink headbands and pink fingernails, the Bulldogs won all three matches with the varsity match, keeping the entire gym on the edges of their seats, going all 5 sets.
  I spent Wednesday night, pre-game night, making 48 cupcakes to help with the cause.  I learned that you should put the sprinkles on right after you frost each individual cupcake because otherwise they just bounce off!  How do you sprinkle??  :)

October 5, 2010


I love good quotes that really get your mind working.  
I try to have a good quote for my volleyball girls before each match referencing teamwork, confidence, ambition or anything of the like to get them  pumped and thinking about the true meaning of why they are on the court and to show them that there is more to it then the score.  They always have to give me how the quote pertains to them. Tonight's volleyball quote will be, "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."  What is your thoughts on this quote and how it pertains to my girls (and yourself)?  

I have a great group of girls and I am very proud of them ALWAYS!  
Coach T.

October 3, 2010


Perfect start to the day!
What a day!
Started with coffee and homemade strudels.  They may not look restaurant quality but the taste was above restaurant results!! 
Then onto a full day of canning.  Completion list consists of 18 jars or relish, 4 quarts of carrots and 2 freezer pints of carrots.  Dont forget about all the dishes and clean up that go along with that!!  Whew!!
Right when I am ready to throw in the white towel of defeat, C comes and wants help with the rock garden so out the door we went.  2 hours later and 15 more plants in the ground we are finally calling it a day.
Plants are in; now need more rocks.
Overall, it was a great weekend with a great number of things checked off the to-do list. 
Hope everyone had a successful weekend!  Oh and cant go without mentioning the new stack of fabrics I purchased today!!!  Just a few more things to go on the list before I get to play in my sewing room again.  :)
Movie theatre popcorn and mini candy bars to finish the night.  Yummmm...........
Man and his mutt.  :)
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October 2, 2010



What a day of miscellaneous adventures and tasks. Got up this morning to quite the frost so painting was postponed until the sun warmed things up a bit.  Off we went to the local Flea Market being held. Another man's junk is my treasure (or something like that.) We got more plants to finish our rock garden (pics to come later); I got some new house plants to replace the old that froze in the move; I also got this cute scarecrow for the front of the house and a few other fun items.

Suzy Q and my corn stalks

That fun was over and time to get some work done.  C went and helped a friend with some chickens while I stayed home and finished the primer, cleaned up some yard stuff, mowed the front yard and placed my corn stalks.  :)
Now as the evening winds down and the dishes are all done, C is out getting DQ to end the great work day. 
Tomorrow will be coffee and homemade toaster strudels followed by completion of painting.
Good Night to all; Sweet Dreams.