August 30, 2010


I have started coaching volleyball and getting into the routine has been quite the adjustment. Time flies by and doing the every day things have taken a back seat. 

Find the good: The girls are a blast and I am enjoying every minute spent with them. Im excited and proud to be their coach.

Dad B. was here all last week and I sure miss having him here, but mom won and I returned him home. :)

Find the good: I am so happy and blessed to have the family I do. They are always there for me and always willing and wanting to go the extra mile for me.  They are my best friends!!

Find the good: I am also so happy and blessed to have the fiance that I do. He is so supportive in all that I do and in letting me follow my dream of coaching.

Have you the found the pattern? Today was a good day but not matter what you must find the good in everything. 

If you get a flat tire, maybe it is just time for you to walk and see all that you have around you at a slower pace?

What is the good in your day?

August 21, 2010


What a weekend so far!

Today started by being up early this morning and off to the gym for a morning of volleyball. I am a proud coach; the girls really came together as a team making it fun for all of us.


Dad B arrived and instantly went to work on the backyard fence. The guys worked overtime tonight. I was able to thank them and feed them well with Mom B's cooking!  Thanks Mom!!!
One panel up, only 19 more to go. :) Keep up the good work guys!

While they worked away outside, I cleaned and enjoyed being home. A regular schedule is soon to resumed and a bit more creativeness in my writing to resume as well.

Until then, house progress and volleyball stats to continue.

August 16, 2010


What a fun weekend with the parents and neices!  We played and played and played.  I went rummage saling right away Saturday morning and came home with goodies for all. 

We introduced the twins to my four legged kiddos and mom and I got a good laugh from all of their reactions (pups reactions included!) 
They are very good little girls and you never know what song they will sing next or what silly story will be told.  Never a dull moment.
Will be a while, but I cant wait to see them all again (mom and dad included!)
Now time to go play catch up on some sleep.
Sweet dreams girlies! Lots of hugs and kisses from Aunt T.

August 12, 2010


In packing for the weekend, I decided to take my first harvest home to share with the best cook I know!  Who you ask?! MOMMA B., of course! 

I am not sure how I am going to get through the work day tomorrow with the excitement that is growing to get to go home and see my mom and dad with an extra bonus of getting to see and play with my twin neices.

Oh I better not forget to pack this..........
.....and dont forget that!!!!

And of course that is going, why would you even ask?!!!!!!!!!

August 11, 2010


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Two months later then I wanted, I do believe the date has been set!  Please note the term "believe." Oh and no way dude and dudettes will I be announcing it over blogspot, facebook, twitter, my space or whatever the new rave is now-a-days!!

I am still in disbelief that I am the bride and not a bridesmaid!!!  I dropped my wedding dress off at the cleaners today and had to call mom right away with excitement.  :)  Then I called the beach houses and they are open and ready for our party.

I cannot blog today about the wedding without stating just how amazing my fiance is.  He came home last night after missing supper and staying out late with the boys and the first thing out of his mouth was he missed me and was a lucky man to have me!!  I was speechless. 

Im so excited!

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August 10, 2010

My most recent completed projects.  After making shirts for my twin neices, I decided I wanted to take what I had learned from that project and make some shirts for Charlie's nephews (soon to be mine.)  They were a lot of fun and the colors were so easy to choose; I couldnt go wrong.  I think choosing the colors is about the hardest part of most projects.
My current project is coming along great, despite I am stuck on choosing some of the colors.  So while trying to decide, I completed a dish rag and made 8 sport headbands.  :)
Between the sewing projects, Charlie and I have been scraping and painting continually on the house along with collecting rocks for the frontyard rock garden.  Things are coming along great. We have to keep in mind that all the hard work this summer will make next summer all that much more fun to sit back and enjoy.
Which speaking of enjoying, Im outta here to go enjoy the rest of the evening relaxing (and sewing.)
Good Night and Great Relaxation to all!

August 3, 2010


I dont know where to start....

We had an exciting weekend with some great friends and what an adventure that was.

Started out with a broken lantern, forgetting all the freezer foods and a raccoon robbery in the early morning hours! Im not sure who was more scared when me met eyes, the raccoon or me.

Our weekend continued on with replenishing the food first, then off to do a bit of shopping (I found some great deals and spent a bit more then planned) and then back to our campsite to meet up with some friends. Before they arrived, Charlie and I caught the last train (insert me singing the Monkees) that takes 100 yr. old tracks to Mandan and back.  I love trains so the ride was a blast and so relaxing.

In come our friends in their shiny, new camero (yes, I giggled at them for camping in a camero, but what a nice car) and off we go to attempt to find the outdoor play. Needless to say, my cell phone kicked the crud out of their fancy map system.  LOL! 20 miles later we are to late for the play and sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings laughing about it all.
Saturday brought us a great campfire breakfast and an even greater lunch on a riverboat. We had the best seat of the house!!!  We finished just before the rain came in. Checked into the hotel and off to Hobby Lobby before ending the night on a great meal.

Before heading home on Sunday we did a bit more shopping and purchased our first wedding item: Charlie's shirt.  I dont think I have ever been more excited to have bought a shirt.  :)

Was a great weekend with great friends!
Now it is back to work and playing catch up, but in the end it was all worth it and cant wait for our next adventure (minus the raccoon robbery please.)