September 26, 2010


The sun is shining and energy is slowly buiding to hit the painting and planting. 

After a fun day with my Junior Varsity volleyball team yesterday, I am looking forward to a day with my family around the house. 

I do have to take a quick paragraph to brag about my girls.  They came out a bit tired, but fired back right away to make it into the tournament after some intense pool play games.  Following some nail biting and a few lessons on the court, we ended up with 4th place.  We were the youngest team there and I was the proudest coach there.  GREAT JOB GIRLS!!

Ok, back to that sunshine....

Today is for painting and planting before that dreaded "W" season is upon us.  Oh and dont forget some football games in there too. 

Holy smokes, look at the time!!!  Gotta go.....have a great Sunday!!


September 22, 2010


...where the future will take you?

I dont and just about a year ago, I sure didnt expect my future to be where I am today.  It was then that C and I started talking about the possibility of moving 9 hours north.  We were both ready for a change and had no doubts we wanted to do it together.  The time we spent apart was hard, but in the end brought us closer.

We could have never done this change without the support and love from our families.  Maybe that is one thing that I will always know and count on for my future: love and support from my family.

In fact if I only get to choose one thing to know, that is definitely it!  My day to day life revolves around them regardless of the miles between us.  How did they do it before cell phones, text messaging and the internet?! 

What else does the future hold????  Well tonight is Save the Date cards, Criminal Minds and a little bit of volleyball, after that who knows.  Until then, sit back, put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride!!!



I am working on changing my blog look, so please stay tuned and I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you.

Oh and caution Slippery when wet!  This sign always fascinates me because who doesnt already know that?!  Caution: Wet Floor is so much better and doesnt make one go "duh!"

September 20, 2010


I cannot believe we are almost to fall already!  According to the weather here, we have been in fall for a month now.  I will have to pull out my hula skirt and coconut bra for a dance to the sun gods for at least a week's worth of sunshine yet! We caved and turned on our heat yesterday.

The volleyball season is halfway over already, my garden is pretty much done with (been putting a sheet over my tomatoes in hopes to keep some green ones yet for more relish) and for some reason I cant find a thing to wear in the mornings.

The time has come to do ever so dreaded season change of the wardrobe! If anybody has ideas on how to make this process streamlined, please share!!  The most fun part is that you pretty much get to go shopping in your own closest.

Wonder what fun stuff I got off last year's sale rack?!?!

Stay tuned and until then, share your sunshine and happy thoughts!

September 8, 2010


Last night was our first game of the season and we got to open the season in front of our home crowd.  I am a VERY proud and honored coach of 2 amazing teams.  The girls really came through and worked very well as a team.

My junior high team came out very nervous.  They stayed focused and no matter what had fun all while wearing smiles the whole way through.  We won 2-1.

My junior varsity team had me nervous from their previous day's showing at practice, but whatever they did prior to the game worked and I hope they keep it up because they pulled together and we won 2-0.

Varsity also won 3-0.

Tomorrow night we play our rival team in their gym.  The tension will be high and the bleachers will be full.  I know my girls can do it, I have full confidence in them.  My main goal is for them to have fun and walk off the court with pride, everything else (including a win) is all added bonuses.

Better go get my game plan made.  GO BULLDOGS!!!!!
Coach T.

September 5, 2010


I switched my days of "Labor Day" and Sunday around this weekend.  Today was a great day of getting things done both new and continued.

Started my labor tasks by picking the garden. I sure have enjoyed my garden this year!

I had planned to complete painting the windows, but was rained out early on and only 3 windows done.  Inside I went in disgust and decided to do my first canning experience. Away I went and I ended up canning 6 pints of relish.

I also made purple headbands for the Rolla Bulldogs Junior High volleyball team.  Our first match is this coming Tuesday here in Rolla.  I think I am likely more nervous then the girls themselves!

Then, the skies cleared and the sun made a short appearance.  Out the door I went and finished all the windows but one that I had to do some extra work on.  Tomorrow, I will get to paint some color! day's checklist included: sewed 19 headbands (11 for volleyball girls), 8 windows painted, 6 pints of relish canned, hobo packets for supper, camping shirt patches ironed on and now to play some cards with my fiance!

Good night and happy Labor Day!