March 31, 2010


Why is with each Spring comes a Spring cold? We are home and being especially lazy tonight with hopes to lose the colds as fast as we got them. It is only the thought that we will be home all weekend to catch up on the cleaning and housework that keeps me sitting! (Thanks for implanting that into me, mom!) :)

But, in saying we were lazy, I submitted my taxes and placed my last consultant order tonight. And after blogging will be getting out the sewing for a bit. Oh and dont forget that ice cream I previously mentioned!

Cant tomorrow be Friday?

Just remembered, need to rotate the bed and put clean sheets on yet. Ice cream first...

I leave you with a picture of one of the few clean rooms in the house! Catch up this weekend, catch up this weekend. I will keep repeating this.

Good Night. TJB

March 30, 2010


Just in from a great run with the puppers. They are really learning and becoming such good kiddos for us. Which is why I rewarded them with a rest in the garage while I prep the route straight to the tub.

Slow week at work after the big Easter ad week. I have been taking advantage of it and deep cleaning the house and picking up the yard. I am scared to ask if Spring is actually here, so will wait until at least April.

Supper tonight will be marinated pork chops on the grill with potatoes and a veggie (havent picked the veggie yet) and we will be dining on the front stoop in camping chairs. Yes, very high class.

Ok, time to switch the laundry and get the grill ready. Tuesday is NCIS night so only a few more hours of work left.

Gotta run. Blog you later....

March 27, 2010


I started and ended my day on fantastic notions and with fantastic people!

I was surprised with a fresh roll and a frappaccino this morning from my main man and finished the day with a couple of drinks with great friends. In between all of that, I sold some unexpected ads and even upsold an ad for Monday's paper. Im excited to see the printed design and hope my clients are as well.

The rest of the weekend lays ahead with fun and friends, as well as fingers crossed for well behaved kiddos. So far, so good.

Not much wisdom to share but I do know that each minute is its own and should treated as such. Be sure to listen to those that love you and even those that dont, because from both comes new lessons to learn. But most important of all...BE YOURSELF!

Good Night. TJB

March 25, 2010


The weekend is about here and on the go we go. We are taking the family to meet some friends for a fun fulled weekend away. The room is booked, the suitcases are packed and car is cleaned. Not to much planned and that is just the way we planned it. A little bit of shopping, a nice dinner and wine, conversation and some games. Oh, dont forget the hot tub for me!! Oh where, oh wear is my swimsuit????

Spent today selling and designing an Easter ad. Can you believe Easter is just around the corner? Where does time go? Maybe next to my swimsuit?!

After a day full of "Hop into Easter Savings", "Egg-cellent Selections", and "Spring into action on..." my mind is shot on creative writing and composing. My tea is done and my bed is warm. I leave you with pictures of Spring.


March 24, 2010


Spent the day on the road doing ad sales and seeking out new projects (because I dont have enough of course.) I am my mother's daughter!

I couldnt decide which fabric I liked best for an apron, so I did the best thing a gal could do...I bought both. I also splurged on cute fabric for dog treat bags. What better then dog treat material to hold the dog treats?!

I am so excited to start my new projects, but think I will tackle that pin cusion first.

Oh, looked at the big sparkly things too!

Well, beyond that and a great workout not much happening today. Time to sign off for the night, crawl under a nice warm blacket with a bowl of ice cream covered in caramel and watch Criminal Minds.

Guten Nacht. TJB

March 23, 2010


-------+++- Ani-kins blog for tonight. :)

No matter how much you plan your day, always leave time to order and smell the pizza.

Today was a typical day at the office though a bit cold again. Tomorrow I am on the road and to my surprise I get to travel with Charlie. Fingers crossed, tomorrow I will come home with some ad sales or at least something fun from shopping!

I got my car vacuumed out and wow what a surprise, I have a back seat to my Envoy! Who knew?!?! The kiddos have had the run of the road since the big move. Now if I could only find the legs to the dog gate.

Tried to do some sewing for the first time in years tonight and well, not so good of a turn out! I sewed the pin cushion shut without stuffing it! :( Was then laughing to hard to continue.

Planning a trip to the gym and even volleyball when low and behold, my man comes home after a rough day and what better way to cheer him up then to talk it out over pizza and a beer! I am slowly but surely learning to stop and leave time to order and smell the pizza.

Enough for today, time for some hot chocolate and knitting. So to all I know and love, always be sure to stop and smell the pizza (when there are no flowers.)

Love, Tildy

March 22, 2010


Another Monday over and here I sit attempting to tackle the task of building a blog. Why? Because mom says so...

In saying that, I found it only appropriate to use a pic of things my mother gave me throughout the years. Keep in mind this was all done at 10pm on a Monday night! Disney pic is from a 2007 calendar, flowered head piece is from the Renacance Festival in MN, foot pads from my wonderful foot massager and my favorite Valentine's Day gift ever, my pink troll.

Onto the other (less important) reasons I caved to a blog...

I am currently working at the local newspaper and think that this will be one way to get my creative juices flowing again as well as learn more about that fancy camera we bought last year. I am in ad sales, marketing and graphic design.

I am also struggling with those pesky mid-night thoughts that wake me up and are more annoying then helpful. I am hoping by boring everyone else in the blog world, I have a better chance of keeping Charlie at my side and sleep in my schedule.

Time to call it night. -TJB