April 13, 2010


Monday was blur so Tuesday.....

We made a screaming trip back to South Dakota to pick up a trailer and some more of my belongings. And trust me when I say screaming, but thankfully it was all done internally. Nothing like a 9 hour move to test a relationship.

Thank you to all that helped; we could not have done it with out you.

We started with driving the night through on Thursday, then Charlie (of course it was him and not me) did the usual make 3 steps into 10, followed by loading and unloading the trailer and Envoy 3 times, and to top it all off, got a flat on the side of the interstate. Thanks to Ma and Pa Towing Service for rescueing us.

BUT....We got to see both parents and bonus visits from Grandma and aunt and uncle. Long return trip and couldnt go without pulling over on the interstate due to the wind with a visit from the highway patrol.

SO...the story ends with success in that we made it back with a full load, lots of yard work and our relationship is still fantastic.

I thank the Lord in many ways! Thank You!


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