April 19, 2010


What happens when you continually bark at walking people, blowing leaves and heck sometimes just the wind?

You get muzzled! We have tried everything and we are finally getting through with the muzzle. Lei-a is so funny (ok, so a mom shouldnt laugh) when she wears it. She becomes immobile and when she finally does move, she cant walk straight. Yeah, try to picture that and not laugh!

Today was an average day. Made lots of contacts for the upcoming 2010 Dakota Days Vacation Guide at work, got a great run in with the kiddos and they are doing so well (knock on wood)and had strawberry milk and popcorn for supper.

Time to work on my cat tea towel. Looked at some past ones in my kitchen from my mom and figured out Im embroidering like a child (refer to knit and pearl blog site for quote of the day on how much I care.) :) I like doing them and will try the next one the proper way but until then, I like the quick, easy going tactic.

Off I go to a warm bed and a handsome man.


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