May 30, 2010


So far we have had a successful weekend of work with a great combination of play today. The wind couldnt damper our spirits and the northern pike were scared. We went on our very first ND fishing trip to Bisbee dam. Nice little picnic/camping area (if the wind isnt blowing.)

I had no bites, but Charlie caught a 4 lb. northern pike then just a few minutes after a 2 lb. pike. It was lots of fun to watch him catch it and of course I thought of blog pic opportunity before I thought about helping to actually catch the fish. :)

Tomorrow, more cleaning, some sewing and weather permitting some painting and fingers crossed a little bit of fishing. Better catch some zzzzzzz's for the big day.

Dont forget NO alarm clock tomorrow morning. TJB

May 26, 2010


I found an actual greenhouse today. You know the kind with multiple buildings and so many flowes you have no clue where to start, when really you just want to stand there all day to smell each and every one of them.
Used some more of my birthday money to complete my flower shopping for this season. I filled almost every pot I have! My back deck is full of flowers and I cannot wait to just sit, sip on a wine cooler and enjoy them all.
I also did another round of weed spray. It is graduation weekend here and I want to be sure to have the yard mowed and picked up as best we can.
Time to put my feet up, pop some popcorn and keep working on the current embroidery project.
Thirsty Thursday tomorrow! ;P TJB

May 25, 2010


Back in the big city can only mean one thing for Charlie and I.....

We got our variety in Fargo, but once we hit Grand Forks there was no decisions needed. We had lunch and dinner there and since Josh had only been there one other time, it was the perfect excuse.

Had wind gusts up to 60 mph today and still going strong into tonight. Not much done other then dishes and of course some embroidery work tonight. Had a great, healthy supper followed by lemon cake with vanilla icing. Yummy!!!

Ok, back to that emb. work. Good night. TJB

May 24, 2010


Back from a long weekend in Fargo. Friday, we picked up a friend and away we went to another running adventure. Saturday, up early and off into the rain we ran. We did the Fargo Marathon. It rained for the first hour or so and then was perfect weather soon followed by a wall of wind. Overall, I had a great time and was reminded just how much I love to run and the freedom it gives me.

Next year, mom and dad to walk the 1/2 marathon!!! Yeppers, mom, that means get your walking shoes on!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent with 2 trips to Buffalo Wild Wings, a bit of shopping and the most important, a trip to the hottub!

Now it is time to take my sore legs to bed and start working on my new projects. I also got some new yard over the weekend with my birthday money that Im excited to make a placemat with. Stay tuned......


May 16, 2010

What a great weekend!

Didnt start out real promising with Charlie have the stomach flu, but he made it through it and off to work we went. Saturday we put in a 12 hour work day consisting of purchasing patio blocks for the front patio, mowing the yard, going to a friends farm for rocks and plants, planting flowers and lilacs and there were a few other things but you get the point. It is really nice to see some progress.

Today, we went and picked up some bridge timbers and got to see Lake Upsilon for the first time. Cannot wait to return there and cast my fishing line. Charlie scraped on the house and cut down branches while I cut up rhubarb. Tomorrow will be the great rhubarb cookfest. Any ideas, please do share them.

Now time to work on some embroidary. Oh, I also go some new fabrics and started a new project. :)

6 days to marathon. TJB

May 13, 2010


I made the jump. I caved into getting a data phone. I got the smallest one available and will see how much it helps me. :) My main hope is to find a calendar that will assist in getting me and keeping me organized.

I spent to much time tonight playing with ringtones and now have used up my computer time and started to go into my sewing time. Gotta go...

Happy Friday to all!!! And fingers crossed the weather is actuall correct for once in many time and the sun shines this weekend.


May 10, 2010


Back from a spectacular weekend home with friends and family. The bowling gods did not like me, or did they even glance my way, but the company was fabulous and my fans were nothing less then awesome.

We have our m&ms and jr. mints hidden away in the special purse pocket and we are excited to head down the street to see Iron Man 2. For a small town, we are pretty lucky to have a movie theater. No bowling alley (which may be part of the reasons I didnt do so hot at state) but we have the next best thing.

Oh, better get the kids fed and out the door.

Thanks for such a fun filled weekend! Check out my mom'm blog knit and pearl to see some bowling pics and the fun items we bought.

Love you mom and dad!!!


May 5, 2010


Typical day at the office, but afterwards I hit Alco's fabric sale. They are no longer going to sale fabric so its 50% off. I could have spent twice as much time and well twice as much $$. :)

Most of it is for pillow cases and I cant wait to start them. Keep an eye on my etsy store. :)

Now it is time to admire my stash one more time and off to bed to embroider some more. Have to rip out my earlier work and change the color. :(

Sweet Dreams. TJB

May 4, 2010


Had a great weekend of projects, cleaning and relaxing around the house. FINALLY, got our last shade up in the living room. I did a little celebration dance to be rid of the vertical blinds.

Started on the dog beds and completed all 4 tops and just have to get zippers for the small ones and figure out how I want to complete the bottom of the xl bed. And of course, no zippers can be purchased here so added them to my list for the weekend.

I am continuing to work on my little girlies' shirts, but not happy with the skin color I used. They should still be pretty cute and for the quick work hopefully the will wear the heck out of them.

Started a new dishrag pattern also (I think I need a project for every room?) I decided it was time to learn some more knitting lingo, so away I went. :) Will let you know how it goes.

Ok, off to the shower and to start the day. It is the VERY last day for the vacation guide and I couldnt be happier it is over!

Great Day to all!

May 1, 2010


Went to my first Bull-a-rama this weekend. Uhm....well....very interesting. Those men are NUTS!!! The clown in fact got his horned and was singing soprano after the 2nd ride. It was my first time running this camera and well the pics proved it. Hopefully one out of the 50 I took will be paper worthy.

It turn out to be pretty fun because I got to go back behind the chutes and be right in the middle of the action. Those bulls are amazing. There was some great talent in both riders and bulls there. There is a rider that is regularly on tv and a bull that has been ridden in the PBR.

For a small town event, it is pretty big. Cant say it is my new favorite event but will likely go back next year. Heck, what else is my choice?! :)

Besides that big excitement, I got some housework done, dvr shows watched and some more completed on the girlies' shirts. Tomorrow, keep cleaning and start sewing on the dog beds. Oh just listing tomorrow's events exhauts me. :)

Night, night. TJB