March 28, 2012


Slowly, but surely!

That is my quote, philosophy, way of thinking and speed of movement today.

BUT....regardless, I will hop on my trainer tonight and pedal off a few miles.  You don't have to do much, remember.  Any extra movement is, well, extra movement! :)  Just stating the obvious.  Take a short walk, so a few sit ups, squats.  You don't even have to all of them at one time.  Do 10 sit ups during one commercial break, do 10 squats during the next and so on.  I'm a notorious and fierce commercial break exerciser.

What is your quote today?


March 14, 2012


He is my most beloved friend and my bitterest rival,
my confidant and my betrayer,
my sustainer and my dependent,
and scariest of all, my equal.


Still looking up to you after all of these years.
Your little sis'

March 13, 2012


Right when I think I am ahead of the game......

I had my pictures taken throughout the prep and cooking right up to the serving! Then.....
I leave the camera card in the laptop that is now out of town at a training with Hubby CEO! Doesn't do me much good there, huh?
Instead I am showing something that looks "TASTEFUL."

Who's hungry for nachos?


PS. Above items are available for sale here.

March 9, 2012

FEATURE FRIDAY: Who wants a piece of cutie pie?

This Friday I am featuring my sweet, cutie pie twin nieces.

I do not get to see them near enough, but think about them lots.
I am hoping to get to see them the end of this month and boy have I been having fun making new things for them and thinking of ways to play with them and get those heart melting giggles.

I would love any fun suggestions you may have?!

It is usually my goal to make them giggle lots, learn new things, be confused at least once on what the heck I am talking about, they always correct me if I am wrong on anything, and I make sure they are good and tired when I return them to their mom and dad.

I can't wait!!!!!

Aunt TJO

March 8, 2012

THINGS THURSDAY: My new favorite thing..

My NOOK Tablet!!

NOOK Tablet - 8GB

It has gone everywhere with me.  I have barely even touched the edges of what it can all do.  So far, I have started reading a book, "The Hunger Games" (more to come on that later), blogged more than usual (this is due to the hubby and I not having to share the laptop), found new patterns while blogging (sshhh, some are being held secret), checked my email, replied to the emails, facebooked, shopped on Etsy and there are more things that I just cant remember.  Oh yeah, I have gotten a new abs workout and plan to get the legs, butt, arms and cardio workouts tonight.
So far, the 8g has been plenty for our purposes and brought the price to be more in our area.
Rumor has it that my NOOK has a fun, new sleeve on the way soon too!

What is your new (or old) favorite thing?
Don't have one? Go check out Dakota Maid, you are sure to find your next favorite(s)!!


PS. No, I have not, nor do I plan to, play Angry Birds.  :P

March 6, 2012

TASTEFUL TUESDAY for your face

I am counting down the minutes until I am heading home and staying there. (51)
We are doing leftovers for supper, which leaves out any new recipe option, but, in turn, leaves me time for a facial, right?!  And going with my latest craze of DIY (Do It Yourself), I wanted to find and share some easy facial scrubs recipes:
Homemade Face Mask for Ashy Skin
Sugar is a preferred exfoliate to salt because it tends not to tear at the skin. When dead skin collects on the surface of skin, it's important to slough it away. This helps clear up clogged pores. When skin isn't exfoliated, it can appear ashy.


  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 3 tbsp warm water


Stir sugar into warm water so that it melts.
Make sure granules are dissolved, otherwise they could tear your skin.
Apply to the face.
Gently massage around the skin.
Rinse with warm water OR I like to take a warm washcloth that's steamed in the microwave. Make sure the washcloth is not too hot.

Brown Sugar Scrub for the Face

Brown Sugar Scrub for the Face

Brown sugar is a wonderful natural exfoliate that works for all skin types. I adapted this recipe from one suggested by Lena Korres, founder of Korres Natural Products, and makeup artist Jemima Kidd, in the July 2008 issue of Cosmopolitan. They recommend curing chapped lips by mixing brown sugar with honey and massaging into lips.


  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 tsp (more or less, add drops if you need them) of olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil


Put the brown sugar in your palm
Add the olive or coconut oil
Stir in your palm with your finger, creating a paste.
Add or less as needed
Massage into skin in a circular motion.
Rinse off with warm water.
Press a warm washcloth into face.
Slather your skin in your favorite moisturizer or follow with a moisturizing mask.

Homemade Aspirin Mask Helps Heal Acne, Pimples, Rashes
Over on, aspirin masks are a hot topic. Why? Apparently, aspirin is brilliant at spot-treating pimples, clearing up acne and itchy patches. In fact, the aspirin mask gets more than 2030 reviews -- more than any individual makeup, skincare or hair product -- on Makeupalley so I had to share it with you because 85 percent of these reviews are by women who would "try it again." Keep in mind that I haven't had my own pimple to try this on, so I don't have personal experience with aspirin as a pimple-healer. But here's how it's purported to work.

Prep Time: 7 minutes

Total Time: 7 minutes


  • 1-3 aspirin
  • Coffee cup or glass cup
  • Shallow dish
  • Warm honey (runny honey), moisturizer made for the face or natural oil such as almond, olive or coconut


  • Depending on the amount of coverage needed, use 1-3 aspirin.
  • Crush the aspirin into small pieces by rolling a coffee cup or glass cup over them. Place aspirin in a shallow dish.
  • Stir in a few drops of water to help the aspirin dissolve into a paste.
  • Add warm honey, moisturizer or a bit of oil (almond, olive or coconut works). Stir well.
  • Apply as a mask or spot treat the pimple or itchy area. Allow to dry. Wash off after 10 minutes.
I picked out recipes that I know that I have ingredients for at home.  You can find more recipes here.
I think I'm going to go with aspirin recipe for tonight.  Which one are you going to try?


March 5, 2012

MINDLESS MONDAY is almost over

Thank goodness!!
Having one of "those" days on a Monday is dangerous!

Cant get out of bed on time....
Run out of dog food....
Oh crud, its garbage day.
Better clean out the litter box first.
Oh, man look at the time!!

The curse also got to Mr. CEO, as he had a rough day too.  Rougher than mine big time.

What do you do when things are down?

I, personally, look forward to the hug and kiss at the end of the day from Mr. CEO.  It always seems to melt all worries away.  Then I might sew a little bit, ride a few miles on the trainer and then crawl into a nice warm bed with a good book on my new NOOK.  :)

Better luck tomorrow.


How can you not smile when in this man's arms?!!!

March 1, 2012


Have I shared how much I love blogland?!
There are so many new things to learn, people to meet, stories to share, and much, much more.

I was out cruising in blogland and came across this brilliant idea:
I am not one for reinventing the wheel and after reading her fun tutorial I would want to use her words anyway, so I am going to give you my short version. 
Then be sure to hightail it over to her blog for the full, in-depth version!


After a trip to the local hardware store for the clear tubing ($1 for a 1 ft.),
I found my blade and away I went.

SUPPLIES (Band-aids are always needed when I play with sharp objects)
I did have to adjust the width for my older bobbins, so be sure to measure before you cut, it will save you some steps and possibly some band-aids!
This project took me maybe 10 minutes total and the price was definitely right.

Are you still here?!
Thank you, but now go get your own!
DIY Bobbin Clips from Schlosser Designs