November 26, 2010


We started the day out right with some warm carmel rolls.  Then with the turkey in the over, we were off to the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot.  It was a year ago today that I took my first venture out into the Rolla community.  The people were so nice and I instantly felt welcomed.  This year was the same and even though I was on crutches, we still participated.  With everybody in from the cold and pies in their hands, C and I went back home to a great smelling house.  This was our 2nd Thanksgiving in our home (thanks to moms cooking for us last year! Thanks Mom!) and my first attempt at cooking our big meal.  I had a great time cooking and also making our new table center piece; I finished it just before we pulled the real turkey out of the over.  :)  Over all, the day was great as we wasted the afternoon away miserable stuffed and overly happy on the couch.  Hope everyone's was even half as good as ours.
(This post was tardy due to the camera being across the room and me being to tired and to full to get up and get. Now thats what you call a successful Turkey Day!!)

November 25, 2010


What a week it has been and so many dishes.  I think I washed some of them 3 times in the same day.  What can I say, I have my favorite mixing bowls.  :)

C and I are alone this Thanksgiving and since this is his favorite holiday, no way was I going pass up the opportunity for some cooking practice. 

After many, many calls to mom for help, most of the cooking is complete and off to bed with anticipation for the big day.

Thanks to the best cook I know for all of the help.  Lets hope I am half as good; my finance officer depends on it. 

This turkey is off to bed!!


(This post was  posted late due to internet problems.)  :)

November 21, 2010


We had a lazy day at our house. 

Washed all the bedding, started the vacuuming and watched some good football.  Now catching up on some DVR and enjoying the family.

What do you do on your lazy day?


November 18, 2010


I wanted to share my "down time" projects.  My surgery tally so far includes: 4 dolly sweaters, 1 dishrag, 1 fashion scarf, 3/4 done with another scarf, multiple suduko puzzles, 1 novel and now starting a tea towel because I cannot reach my 3/4 done scarf.

I had my stitches removed this morning and regardless to say,  I now have a new comparison for pain.

While working on my projects, I get to enjoy the first season of my favorite show NCIS. :)

Oh and there is another episode starting now. Back to TV, embroidary and more sitting.


PS My apologies for the picture quality. I have to work with what I can reach.  :)

November 16, 2010

S is for SMILE and SIMPLE

I asked C for some help getting me ice cream for tonight's snack.  I was handed the bucket and a spoon. 

I thank God for him every day and cherish every smile he brings to my lips.

:)  :)  :)  :)  :)


November 9, 2010


Been a heck of day.  Dr. appointment this morning and sleep, sleep, sleep this afternoon.   Is it possible that my butt is starting to hurt as much as my foot???

November 7, 2010


How do you determine who is on dish duty? 

Around here, it is via the Football Forecast!  :)
Whoever is the non-winner from the week before is in charge of preparing, cooking and cleaning up all food duties during NFL Sunday.

Today, my choice was buffalo wings and breaded beans. 


TJB aka the Resident Cheesehead!

November 6, 2010


It has been a while since my last blog and lots has happened. 
Volleyball is still in progress and we are on our way to Regions this coming week.  GO BULL DOGS!!!!
As you can likely tell from the pictures, I will be on my way on an extra set of wooden legs.  Thanks for lending them to me, dad.  :)
I had reconstruction surgery on my left foot due to bunions on both sides and I also had a GPS shot in my right foot the same day.  The GPS shot is healing well and feels good so far.  The left foot will be a bit slower healing with having the addition of 3 screws added. No weight bearing for a month! Ugh.....that is definately slower then my usual pace.
So far my surgery projects have included the completion of a dolly sweater, a fashion scarf and a dish rag.  I am currently working on another scarf.  Each project has required the learning of new stitches, so has been fun.
Well time for the next dose of pain meds and some food.  Happy Saturday night to all.