June 26, 2010


a town that gathers along Main Street in hopes of catching the first glimpse and last laugh at Ugly Muthas? No, really!

Around here we call it St. John Days. Last night was the kick off with a pet parade, Ugly Mutha contest and karaoke. Today is the pancake feed, parade, kiddie rodeo and closing with a live band downtown.

Lucky me, I get to be the local media and cover each more exciting then the next event. Overall, it is nice to see the hustle and bustle of the small community. My fingers are crossed so the rain will hold off until after the parade. I can now leave the sunscreen at home, but NEVER forget the bug spray. Think they will ever come out with a purse size OFF spray? Hmmm.....wait dont tell anybody that idea, I will be a millionaire, just think about it!!!!

Well, off with my million dollar idea and family in tow to the exciting St. John Days. Happy Saturday to all!


June 24, 2010

This week I got back on track and away I went. I have forgotten how it is to run in humidity!

Tonight though, has been a night of good food and relaxation. I made merlot pork medellions with mashed potatoes, a salad and moms awesome homemade dinner rolls. This is the second time I have made this and both times it is definately restaurant worthy! There are some things you just cant find a substitute for and Tastefully Simples merlot sauce is one of them in this recipe. Highly recommend it!

Tomorrow is finally Friday and hopefully the day for ads to start flowing in. And tomorrow night is the Ugly Mutha contest/parade. Yep, you read it correct! Stay tuned for more information to come.

Well, time to get back to that relaxation thing and sewing.


June 22, 2010


I took a little me time (ok I never really get "me" time as it is always "me, 3 dogs and cat" but I wouldn't have it any other way) over lunch to bask in the afternoon sun and catch up on some light reading. It is so fun to read and get inspired by what others write. It is so easy for others to point out the obvious, isnt it?!

We learn from others what we already know, but can never seem to realize until its too late or again when others point them out to us. How many interpretations can you come up with for the simple yet powerful, ultimate statement of "I CAN..."? Take but only 10 seconds to fill in that blank.

I CAN......sell those 8 ads, be the best fiance, catch that pop fly at softball tonight, finish painting the house, plan the best wedding ever.....
and these are the things that came to me while answering the phone and composing an ad.

My number 1 rule when coaching is the words "I CANT" are NEVER allowed!! Anybody can run a marathon, its just some of us enjoy it more then others. Anyone can sew a quilt, compose a poem, etc., etc., etc. We just pick and choose our life's tasks and focus on them and the things we enjoy.

So get out that notepad and make your list of "What I want to do this summer." and get moving.....and if you cant come up with something just hit next blog at the top of the page as many times as necessary to find your next inspiration.

Happy blogging!

June 19, 2010


Us ladies meandered around the house while the boys hooked up cable in the spare bedroom and also hooked up the ice maker in the fridge. After a hard day's work, we headed to the border to wave at the Canadians as mom and dad havent gotten their passport cards yet. After waving and mom mooned them, we headed south to eat some Greek (well at least the cook was greek.)

Then off to a friend's farm to pick some rhubarb and check out the chickens. He raises his own and has the cutest farm with only chickens, horses and an amazing garden.

We grilled steaks, potato packets and corn for supper tonight. Followed by fresh baked rhubarb custard pie. Now overfed and pooped from a long day of fun with the folks.

Tomorrow will start with a big Father's day breakfast, grilling by a lake and another great supper of pork medallians, mashed potatos and a veggie.

Better hit the hay and get prepared.

June 17, 2010


What a rainy, gloomy day today. The sun finally shone through a bit ago, but the wind is so high going outside still isnt a fun option.

The rain did my garden a world of good and I can see the beans growing from the kitchen screen door. I am so excited to go pick the first vegetable! Onions, green peppers, beans, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes. I think that is everything.

Ok, break is over. Back to folding laundry and finish the cleaning for my company tomorrow night. SO EXCITED!!!!

Add crawling into fresh clean sheets onto my list of little things in life to appreciate.

Sleep well. TJB

June 16, 2010


The week is halfway over. We said a sad goodbye to Charlie's parents this morning and a great big thank you for all they accomplished for us this past week and a half. Next trip, nothing but fun.

Speaking of next trip of fun, its time to wash the sheets, shake the rugs and vacuum the floors for the next visitors coming on Friday. My parents will be staying with us this weekend and I could not be more excited! Their last trip was nothing but work, so this time it is time to show them the town and just what the Turtle Mountains has to offer.

Today was a productive day at the office and now I am looking forward to a quiet night at home with my new fiance. This will be the first night since the big day!

Oh and there he finally is after a very long day at the office, to bad he doesnt get overtime! We have a wedding fund now you know......

:) Guten Nacht. TJB.

June 12, 2010


We are calling it a successful day and celebrating with a movie and big tub of popcorn.

Tasks completed: touch up paint in kitchen and sewing room, curtain tie back hooks up, more scraping, garage door fixed, kitchen door painted, plants planted, pellets picked up, deck chairs purchased for half the cost.

Another bonus is USA tied England in their opening game in the World Cup. Charlie only jumped out of his chair and almost through the roof 3 times.

I took the time today to prune my flowers and take some pictures. They sure make my days brighter.

Oh boy, I am getting summoned to get out the door and off to Robin Hood.


I have been MIA for a few days, but only because I am still on cloud 9 and showing off my new sparkly to everyone I pass. Also, because the future in-laws are in town and helping out around the house. The weather has not been very cooperative for us though.

We have gotten some primer on and even that has been a huge improvement to the house. We will work inside yet again today with fingers crossed that tomorrow we can bask in the sunshine with scrapers and paintbrushes in hand.

Today's to-do list: finish touch up paint in kitchen and sewing room, more pellets put under the house and things organized, garage cleaned up (Charlie's duty), hooks put up for living room curtains, floor mirror fixed and any other little task I can come up with along the way.

Hopefully I can make it until at least after 12 noon before that first drink is a requirement. :)

Happy Saturday to all.

June 5, 2010


I am calm for just a moment to share my great news!


He did fantastic and the ring is perfect. He stayed home this morning to manage the rummage sale while I coached some volleyball. I ran home between games and there was a package that he informed was mine. I opened it and the rest is pretty much a blur at the moment through a huge, gigantic smile and sparkle.

He then came over and watched the end of the volleyball tournament. What a guy!!! Tonight if the weather holds out, we are heading to the lake to fish and celebrate.


June 1, 2010


Summer has officially began. Memorial Day has come and gone and the first game of softball is complete. Needless to say, it wasnt a pretty game, but it was fun and my biggest fan was there.

Wednesday is already almost here. Lots to catch up on and big hopes the weather will hold out for us. On that note, my mind is blank and vegging on mindless tv and knitting.

Good Night,