April 5, 2010


Finally finished my pillow cases. They were fun to find and pick up again to complete after many years. I enjoyed them so much that I went through my sewing container and found about 5 more projects from years ago. Don't tell Charlie! BUT...before any of those projects is a scarf I started beginning of winter.

Another Monday and more sunshine. Typical day at the office followed by a run with the kiddos and Charlie on his bike. Then I proceeded to toss aside my workout with a piece of pecan pie. (Completely worth it!)

Oh, the night has gotten away from me. Time for the last game of March Madness, laundry and onto that scarf.

Go Butler!


  1. Its a game. Find 1 thing that is different in the 2 pillowcases. Anybody else see it? I just saw it this morning. :)

  2. Yep, I see it. One little X is missing on the Butterfly's left wing. Big deal, I searched a long time to find it! Don't give them to Grandma, she'll notice immediately!