July 28, 2010


Wow, what crazy days it has been.  I finally decided to miss volleyball tonight to be able to sit at home and relax a bit.  We cut lots of fruits and veggies for this weekend's camping trip, had a pizza and watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie.  :)

Didnt get any meatballs from these clouds, but boy were they beautiful!  I can say that now, knowing that nothing but rain came out of them.  C ran outside in his underwear to capture them.  Glad he was behind the camera.

We have been crazy busy with planning weekends and wedding.  Last weekend was a blast with the Lunds and now we head out tomorrow for a night alone and then meet up with the Speacts.  Tomorrow C turns another year older and wiser as they say. So off we go for a weekend of events and fun.  Stay tuned for more on that and hopefully a slower next week.

Commercial break over and time to finish my sewing for the night before throwing in the towel. Early morning to be up folding more laundry, finishing dishes and maybe cooking C a birthday breakfast (ok cant lie, I think I will let the cooks down the street make him breakfast.)

Have a great weekend!!


July 22, 2010


Between working on the house and figuring out blogger updates, I have been MIA.  Let's recap....

     • finished another dish towel
     • finished my soon-to-be nephews t-shirts (pics coming soon)
     • have part of the house double coated with yellow
     • started fine scraping windows, BORING!!!!!
     • played in a beach volleyball tournament in Canada and took  
       2nd place
     • witnessed the closing of a 106 yr. old church and wrote a story
       about it.  :)
     • ate Chinese and met a wonderful lady that loves to sew and
       was more then happy so share some patterns and yarn with me.
     • painted some more.....

Whew...I have been a busy bee.  I am really happy with the house color and am excited to get shutters to add on.  Still lots to do, but progress is being made.

This weekend, I do believe we are going to go try that thing everyone is calling summer. My friend Josh is have a family gathering we are going to crash on the lake.  A dear friend told me this morning that she regrets missing all the fun because she felt she needed to do the responsible thing, so away we shall go.

Skipping back in time and leaving adulthood behind.........
Ok, back to work and that story I am writing.


PS. The  picture is from our drive home after the church closing.  The fields up here are breathtakingly beautiful with color.

July 12, 2010


No wait....
We finally put some color onto the house. Have to admit it, I picked the smallest wall to start with but hey, you have to start some where right?!

After a full weekend of working on the house and yard, tonight is the night I have chosen to veg out and recoop before off and running with a new week.

Sorry so short but please refer to previous statement for what I am off to accomplish.

TJB :)

July 10, 2010


What a day it has been and now sitting with a tiki mai tai drink in my hand it has been all worth it. :)

What I accomplished: got the radio working in the garage; primed all the molding around the house; clipped and pulled weeds throughout the yard;and tilled, hoed edges, raked and layed plastic in the new rock garden.

Should add in there that I had to assemble the tiller and well pretty much learn how to use it. It isnt so much as learning to use it as it is to control it. Kind of like a man, dont you think?!

C was gone all day on the adventure of purchasing our new backyard fence. Despite him getting out of all the manual labor, Im still glad that I chose to stay home and manage the time of good weather.

Well, time to finish that drink and hit a chic flick!

July 9, 2010


Spent lunch time cleaning and picking out the bad berries, leaves and stems from my juneberry stash. It was a gorgeous night last night to be out enjoying nature and picking its fruit.

I cannot imagine doing that all day, every day for hope that there will be food on the table that night when returning home. I give many thanks and coodoes (?sp.) for those people with work ethics beyond no other. Makes one frown when looking at some of today's work ethics, but in this same sentence very thankful for some!

Oh speaking of work ethics, Im running late from lunch! Gotta run!!!!
Happy Friday!!!!


What a great way to start out my Friday by up early in the cool morning to pick my first garden crop. Cant wait to enjoy it with some hobo packets and grilled pork chops tonight.

We spent last night picking juneberries. I have never picked nor consumed juneberries, but they sure are a big hit up here. I will have to go on the search for some recipes, specifically syrup for ice cream.

Tonight is the big Relay for Life event here. It always brings joy to my heart to see the community come together for such a great cause. Wish they would work this well together on all the causes! Regardless, it should be fun to go take pics and check it all out.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. Time to round up the hounds for some breakfast and off to work. TJB

July 5, 2010


I dont even know where to begin on the relaxing, great time we had. Started out with a last minute visit from a great friend. From there, well, what could go wrong?! 3 days off to spend cooking great food, lighting fireworks, watching parades, fishing, lighting more fireworks....

Brought back great memories and laughs. Only thing I forgot to do was finish a Swisher for mom. :)


Ok, check that off the list! Just for you mom, I will be sure to call you with in the morning to thank you for the awful taste leftover (even after brushing my teeth 3 times.)

Happy 4th and forever thank you to the ones that gave us the whole reason to celebrate year after year!!