April 25, 2010

HE DID WHAT?!?!!!!

Finished some projects and just started up some new ones. I just cant seem to stop myself. Call it pathetic or call it obsessive, but not matter what, I call it fun.

We also got some more accomplished in the garage and even started the awful job of scraping. Lots to do around the house, but we did manage to escape to have brunch with a friend and a tour of his farm. I now want some chickens! Did you know you can order them through the mail?! I thought it was fun to get crafty things in the mail, just imagine to get chicks in the mail.

Stay tuned for the fun projects to come and enjoy the completed ones. Look for them to be listed on Etsy also.

I now have a movie date. We are watching The Proposal, love this movie. He just ate all my popcorn!!!! :( Gotta to GO! -TJB

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