April 18, 2010


After a day of pressure washing, cleaning and organizing the garage, I got to chase the dog who in turn was chasing our little visitor. Thankfully, Lucy did not harm the little bird at all. (This all happened last night.) Knowing that the mother wouldnt claim her after dog slobber and human hands touched her, I brought her inside in a box of leaves for a few hours until dark. Then once all of our kiddos were in for the night, I took her out and put her under a bush. Off with prayer and a chirp she went. 1st thing this morning I went out and searched all around the back yard, no little visitor. So a smile and back to work.

I finished the house with the pressure washer and just when I thought the house couldnt look any worse. Hopefully the neighbors have their fingers crossed the weather stays nice, so the paint goes on sooner then later.

Charlie kicked butt in the garage. It is starting to look like an actual garage instead of a storage unit.

Overall, a great weekend. We have Monday off to rest, right?!?!!

There is the buzzer for my highlights. Good night to all.

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