April 26, 2012


The month of April snuck up on my in full attack this year!  I had my body armor on but no shields up.

I plant trees for a living, so I am heading into my busy time and boy has it been busy.  Testing fields, getting machines working, bleaching my tree cooler, taking in as many orders as I can, along with all of the other regular reports, phone calls, etc. Now, please don't take this as a complaint because this is the part of my job I especially love!!  I get to play outside all day with trees. 

Then when my tree work is all done, home I go to dive into the many "I want to try" projects.  So far, I have checked off blender soap making (check out Homespun Living Blog for instructions) and laundry soap making.

My mom and I made a batch of blender oatmeal soap with lemon scent and a batch up plain soap with orange zest and smell in it.  We are coming up on week 3 of having it set up and we are very excited to see how it comes out in the shower.  Does it hold up or just melt away?  Does it leave soap scum on the walls?  How long will it keep its smell?  I am excited to try it and get answers to all of our questions.

Let's see, what other THINGS have I been up to??

Oh, laundry soap!!

I made my first batch and think I must have missed a step somewhere because it is not gelling like it said it would.  So, after I use up the 2.5 gallons I have made now, I will try it again and triple read the directions or something.  I have used it in a handful of loads and so far, so good.  I will put it to the true test with my work clothes now and will give a full report and the link to the recipe that I used once that test is complete. 

Be sure to stay tuned! Lots of "testing" results to come!

What are some of your "I want to try" projects??
Please share! I may want to add to my list!


April 16, 2012


After a weekend like we had, there is nothing but mindless as an option.

We road tripped back to see family and friends this weekend.
A lot of fun was had and here is the proof:

I hope you had a rocking weekend as well!


PS Those are my mom's actual glasses from the 80s (and likely 90s too)!!

April 10, 2012

MINDLESS MONDAY (a day late)

For those of you that know me, even the slightest, are not surprised by my tardiness.  As my father calls it: Tara time.  BUT....I must say that even Tara time is faster and more on time than Charlie time (my hubby)!!

We didn't have a very Easterly weekend at our house, but it was still a good one.  This holiday sure snuck up on us, along with a couple of birthdays that I have to play catch up on yet.  :S 

Hubby unplugged our bathroom sink finally.  Of course, he broke a pipe in the process, but as I told him, it is all in the learning process of becoming a handy man/do-it-yourselfer.

I worked on cleaning and some sewing.  In between that I watched and listened to birds in the yard.  I do believe Spring is trying to stay (even though the snow this morning sure doesn't show it.)  The wrens (and blackbirds) seem to be enjoying the backyard, while the robins are all hanging out in the front yard.  Good thing we have a fence to keep them from fighting!

What song are you singing today?


April 5, 2012

THURSDAY'S THINGS by knit and pearl

Going to my post office box has been so much fun this last week.  Special surprises from my Mom (aka knit and pearl blogger, aka Dakota Maid shop partner)
First came this adorable new pot holder.  I have to say that it is WAY too cute to be using under my pots and pans.  The recipe on the top is a photo transfer she did of her famous chocolate chip cookies.  The photo transfer on the bottom left is me feeding my cabbage patch baby, Cheryl.

Then yesterday, this adorable NOOK cover came in the mail.  What a fun case to protect my NOOK this summer! It pretty much goes everywhere with me.  SO CUTE!!!!

I never get tired of Mom's care packages.  I love getting them today as much if not more than I did in college.  I don't know what you use to rate moms but mine is the best and off the charts!!


I cant forget my dad because he supports my mom in her sewing habits.  Thanks Dad!

Your Daughter (aka Tildy)

PS She has been very busy on other projects too, so be sure to go check her blog out