February 25, 2011


I was able to put another project in the books last night.  These flour sack towels are so fun to embroider.  (Sorry for the poor picture, but wanted to share today and only had my phone camera this morning.)  I always over think the color choices but Im not really sure you can go wrong with these cute chefs.

My next projects will be a while before they are revealed but Im sure there will be mini projects in between, so stay tuned.  And, please be sure to share any fun projects that you are working on!!

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

February 23, 2011


I received a fun box for Valentine's Day from my mom and dad and this is what I made with part of it.  This was my first time felting.  Some of the things I learned: front loading wash machines are for the birds when it comes to felting, the end knitting result is completely different from the end felting result and the best lesson of all is that I am hooked and ready for more!
Leave it to my mom to have me reaching outside of the box to new and adventurous projects.  She also blessed me with her determination and mind set, so once I picked up this project it was about all that I could think about.  Such fun, bright colors to work with on these cold, snowy days.
Now time to celebrate my accomplishment and consume that lemon bar a great cook and
friend shared with me!!
Onto the next adventure..........TJB

February 21, 2011


Who would have imagined that this is what we would be eating in a small cafe in Bisbee, ND
on Saturday night? 
Move over Red Lobster!
We also got a horse drawn carriage ride under the moon with big flakes falling. 
Now onto a quiet day at home to be filled with painting, projects and puppies.

February 14, 2011


I really have to brag this year ladies!  I received a gift trully from the heart: honey mustard dipping sauce and runts candy! I am not in anyway being sarcastic! These are two things that I LOVE and for not supposed to be getting a gift, he did fabulous.  Plus, it sure beats the pair of saw horses I got a few years back!!!!  Ok, that was sarcastic!  :)

I also was spoiled with a package that came in the mail last Friday.  I received a Valentine's gift from my mom and dad.  Never too old to get care packages! The fun of getting older is that I get to send return ones now.  I received this cute and perfect  pair of duffers, handmade by my mom, a good book, and a new project!!!  I cannot wait to dig into that! 

I hope you all had as great of a Valentine's Day as I have so far! Tonight will be a quiet meal of spicy, garlic shrimp, a basketball game for C and a quiet project night for me, all shared on the couch together.  Life is heart-tastic!


February 2, 2011


Is it bad when you have to go to Canada for Pizza Hut pizza??
We have been in Canada for going on two nights now and so far enjoying ourselves.  I had a date with a handsome man and great food followed by elastic waste pants and blogging!
I am here for a Zero-Tillage Workshop.  Who would have ever thought this Main Street girl would be at a farming workshop in Canada?!!
Back to the States tomorrow and with my fingers crossed I am rid of the extra two wooden legs.  Will keep you posted.....until then, I'm off to enjoy my last night in Canada! Ah..