December 22, 2011


 Our youngest pup is such a trouper when it comes to entertaining us.  She takes after her "Dad" in the family entertainment department, I must say.  Between the two of them, there is hardely a dull moment at our house.

And then add in the cider and egg nog....
Hold onto your hats....

Happy Holidays to All.

December 16, 2011


Yesterday was quite the "day off" for me.
Instead of doing things that were on my list, I completely veered off and decided to start in on the bathroom remodeling project even though we have now products purchased to really do so.  I tore off the old plastic gray tiles (who their right mind ever decided that those were a good idea????), I took down our medicine cabinet and started in on texturing over the tile glue.  What a disaster, I must say.  But....after all of that was done, into the kitchen I went to try some new recipes.  CEO and I found a fun restaurant that has such good curry and wanted to try a few dishes ourselves.  I give this recipe 3 out of 5 stars and the reason I rate it low is because it needs vegetables.  The next recipe is an oldy but goody and never been tried by myself before, mom's caramel corn recipe.  And this stuff is SOOO good!!  Very easy, just takes time.  Will be doing a few batches of this stuff for the holidays yet.
The next 5 star event of the evening was my hubby helping me out (as he is usually very good at doing) washing the dishes for me.  Doesn't he look great with dishpan hands?!!
A few miles on my new trainer and off to bed exhausted I went.
Who has time for a job when you have a to do list like mine?????

December 12, 2011


I have to dedicate today's blog to this fantasic new addition to our household: Rubbermaid's Reveal Spray Mop Kit!
I was looking for the Swiffer WetJet, but there was a display of these next to them, thank goodness.  The pros over the WetJet are reusable microfiber pads and refillable bottle that you get to choose your cleaner for.  What a money saver by eliminating "have tos" for buying their pads and their cleaners!
I mopped my floor this morning with it and danced the whole way around my kitchen!!
If you need a last minute Christmas present, this is it! (But, you husbands, I highly recommend including coupons for free moppings by you!!!)  Just saying.....
Happy Cleaning!

December 5, 2011


I had a fun weekend filled with baking and secret project sewing (will share after the holidays).  I had some new ideas from a Disney magazine that I'm still not sure how I received in the mail and I also had a new recipe to try for an annual cookie swap.

I tried chocolate dipped candy canes with sprinkles from the magazine.  They leave out suggestions on the best ways to dip the canes.  My recommendations after trying them is to melt your chocolate in a tall, thin container versus short and round.  My other, learned the hard way, suggestions is to add the sprinkles over a container so they don't end up all over the counter and floors!

I also made Almond Poppy Seed Cookies for and annual cookie swap with friends.  I highly recommend these swaps before the holidays!! Google them.  I took a tray of my cookies and came back with I'm guessing 10 other types of cookies and all of the recipes.  What a great idea!!

I wanted to share my recipe but is not cooperating with me at this moment.  So if you are interested, go onto and search for Almond Poppy Seed Cookies.  Make sure it is the recipe that includes cream cheese.  They are so easy and SO good!

I think I will go have myself one in fact.....

Happy Holiday Baking!

December 2, 2011


All I want for Christmas is my windows. 
No, wait, that isn't how the song goes?!

West window


Before the white stuff came, so we thought, we wanted to install a couple of new windows.  What a disaster that process was.  With the help of great guy and even better worker, Charlie and him were able to get two big windows installed.  They look fantastic and what a difference in the indoor temperature. 

Old Front Window to the South
Doesn't it feel great to squeeze in those last minute projects?  Now if CEO would only get the trailer out of my front yard!!  It is distracting from my Christmas lights!!  Hint, Hint Hubby who may read this.  :)