April 22, 2010


I dont exactly know what surged me to come home last night and make a dog toy, but look what I did! What a great way to recycle old squeakers and toys. I bought the fabric as a scrap for 77 cents (and there's enough left over for 10 more),the squeaker in the one end is rescued from a previous toy and the tug in the other end is an old tshirt cut up and tied in knots (found it in the bottom of the toy basket and reused.)

My sewing machine didnt like the fabric very well, but it felt great to have my foot back on the pedal and my hands beside the needle (thankfully, not under the needle.)

Im hoping for a rainy day this weekend to keep me indoors for some cleaning and more sewing. :)

1 comment:

  1. How cute are they! and in the shape of a bone. Lea is even smiling.