April 29, 2010

I found this pattern while I was putting some things away and decided what the heck. I am definitely hooked! These are so easy and fun. Who doesnt like a fresh, fun pillow case?!

Some of the little things in life that I enjoy: Clean, comfy pillowcase and sheets, the feel of fresh washed bath rug and towel after a shower, hearing the song "Under the Boardwalk" at any time, the smell of rain, my weekly calls with my mom.

Tonight's projects are my nieces shirts. Time is ticking and I hope to see them soon, so off to work I go.

Always up for a project.....TJB

April 27, 2010


Another day in.......well, here.

Great run with the pups after work and home to clean the fish tank. Fish are all happy, so decided to start in on the new dog beds. I cant wait to rid the old ones and all their fuzz. I hope the sewing machine and I can get along through the process.

Watching Cougar Town on DVR then off to bed to do a little work on the nieces shirts before calling a day.

Guten Nacht. TJB

April 26, 2010


Got my etsy shop started tonight and started with listing my towels. What a task! Whew.... Isnt technology meant to be ran by humans? Or is it the other way around? My picture is me celebrating on the top of the world for my accomplishment.

For being a Monday, today went pretty fast. Still working on Vacation Guide ads and now onto Mother's Day too. Makes the days go faster and hopefully the checkbook grow.

My good news today is that I may have my home rented! Once it is completed, I will be able to breath easier and even catch up on some things. I wont count my eggs before they hatch though. Instead will cross my fingers and toes for now.

I am looking for instructions on how to add my etsy shop to my blog page. Any teachers out there?

Off to walk the dogs and catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz......

Good night to all. TJB

April 25, 2010

HE DID WHAT?!?!!!!

Finished some projects and just started up some new ones. I just cant seem to stop myself. Call it pathetic or call it obsessive, but not matter what, I call it fun.

We also got some more accomplished in the garage and even started the awful job of scraping. Lots to do around the house, but we did manage to escape to have brunch with a friend and a tour of his farm. I now want some chickens! Did you know you can order them through the mail?! I thought it was fun to get crafty things in the mail, just imagine to get chicks in the mail.

Stay tuned for the fun projects to come and enjoy the completed ones. Look for them to be listed on Etsy also.

I now have a movie date. We are watching The Proposal, love this movie. He just ate all my popcorn!!!! :( Gotta to GO! -TJB

April 22, 2010


I dont exactly know what surged me to come home last night and make a dog toy, but look what I did! What a great way to recycle old squeakers and toys. I bought the fabric as a scrap for 77 cents (and there's enough left over for 10 more),the squeaker in the one end is rescued from a previous toy and the tug in the other end is an old tshirt cut up and tied in knots (found it in the bottom of the toy basket and reused.)

My sewing machine didnt like the fabric very well, but it felt great to have my foot back on the pedal and my hands beside the needle (thankfully, not under the needle.)

Im hoping for a rainy day this weekend to keep me indoors for some cleaning and more sewing. :)

April 20, 2010


Tonight we officially started grilling season with the oh so wonderful veggie packets. I could eat these almost every night!

Tonight's Veggie Packets:
green peppers

Cut all into pieces making sure they are small enough to grill through but big enough to keep from burning.
Cut pieces of aluminum foil. Smear butter on the bottom (always use more then you think), put potatoes on bottom topped by veggies.
Season with your favorite seasonings. Tonight I used garlic salt on all of them and did a variety of cajan with red peppers, smokey mesquite, bacon bacon and spicy montreal steak with red peppers.
I then topped with just a splash of vegetable oil.
We double wrap ours for the sake of flipping them and the aluminum foil tearing. We highly recommend using heavy aluminum for all grilling needs.
Grill packets until done, flipping at least once.

Follow with some ice cream and homemade root beer! YUM!!!!


April 19, 2010


What happens when you continually bark at walking people, blowing leaves and heck sometimes just the wind?

You get muzzled! We have tried everything and we are finally getting through with the muzzle. Lei-a is so funny (ok, so a mom shouldnt laugh) when she wears it. She becomes immobile and when she finally does move, she cant walk straight. Yeah, try to picture that and not laugh!

Today was an average day. Made lots of contacts for the upcoming 2010 Dakota Days Vacation Guide at work, got a great run in with the kiddos and they are doing so well (knock on wood)and had strawberry milk and popcorn for supper.

Time to work on my cat tea towel. Looked at some past ones in my kitchen from my mom and figured out Im embroidering like a child (refer to knit and pearl blog site for quote of the day on how much I care.) :) I like doing them and will try the next one the proper way but until then, I like the quick, easy going tactic.

Off I go to a warm bed and a handsome man.


April 18, 2010


After a day of pressure washing, cleaning and organizing the garage, I got to chase the dog who in turn was chasing our little visitor. Thankfully, Lucy did not harm the little bird at all. (This all happened last night.) Knowing that the mother wouldnt claim her after dog slobber and human hands touched her, I brought her inside in a box of leaves for a few hours until dark. Then once all of our kiddos were in for the night, I took her out and put her under a bush. Off with prayer and a chirp she went. 1st thing this morning I went out and searched all around the back yard, no little visitor. So a smile and back to work.

I finished the house with the pressure washer and just when I thought the house couldnt look any worse. Hopefully the neighbors have their fingers crossed the weather stays nice, so the paint goes on sooner then later.

Charlie kicked butt in the garage. It is starting to look like an actual garage instead of a storage unit.

Overall, a great weekend. We have Monday off to rest, right?!?!!

There is the buzzer for my highlights. Good night to all.

April 16, 2010


Another week gone by and another weekend finally arrived.

This weekend, we are home and back to working on the house. I have the pressure washer on reserve for early morning and we came up with some more landscaping ideas, this time for the front yard. I am excited to see the old paint gone.

Tonight is a night at home. Should be able to finish up another tea towel. Will plan an Alco trip for some tiny tshirts tomorrow and then onto some present projects. The twins birthday will be here before I know it.

Commercial break over, back to Shrek.
Good night and happily ever after....

(I cant post picture tonight, so stay tuned)

April 13, 2010


Monday was blur so Tuesday.....

We made a screaming trip back to South Dakota to pick up a trailer and some more of my belongings. And trust me when I say screaming, but thankfully it was all done internally. Nothing like a 9 hour move to test a relationship.

Thank you to all that helped; we could not have done it with out you.

We started with driving the night through on Thursday, then Charlie (of course it was him and not me) did the usual make 3 steps into 10, followed by loading and unloading the trailer and Envoy 3 times, and to top it all off, got a flat on the side of the interstate. Thanks to Ma and Pa Towing Service for rescueing us.

BUT....We got to see both parents and bonus visits from Grandma and aunt and uncle. Long return trip and couldnt go without pulling over on the interstate due to the wind with a visit from the highway patrol.

SO...the story ends with success in that we made it back with a full load, lots of yard work and our relationship is still fantastic.

I thank the Lord in many ways! Thank You!


April 6, 2010


As I sit here and smile at my completed project, I catch a glimpse at the many unfinished and waiting to be started projects in the background. So....which one do I choose??

I have decided that the scarf will be an ongoing project until next winter, heck, he wont need it until then anyway right?!!

Charlie and I enjoyed a bike ride together tonight and I am recalling the joys of the wind across the prairies. Our ride was followed by play time with the kiddos in the park and a great supper of leftovers.

Overall, a good day in the house that needs a paint job. :)


April 5, 2010


Finally finished my pillow cases. They were fun to find and pick up again to complete after many years. I enjoyed them so much that I went through my sewing container and found about 5 more projects from years ago. Don't tell Charlie! BUT...before any of those projects is a scarf I started beginning of winter.

Another Monday and more sunshine. Typical day at the office followed by a run with the kiddos and Charlie on his bike. Then I proceeded to toss aside my workout with a piece of pecan pie. (Completely worth it!)

Oh, the night has gotten away from me. Time for the last game of March Madness, laundry and onto that scarf.

Go Butler!

April 4, 2010


We enjoyed a great day full of great food adventures. I cooked a full Easter meal with ham, potatoes, corn casserole, fresh bread and ring macaroni salad. Oh and dont forget my first pecan pie all by myself!!

We went for a walk afterwards with the kiddos, got the dog kennel put together and our very last vertical blind out of the house.

Charlie and I started plans for our back deck and yard that has us excited to get our hands into dirt. Stay tuned as the weather progresses.

Time for a pieice of pie, a movie and to finish the embroidary that yard work stalled yesterday. :)

Happy Easter!

April 3, 2010


Great day in the yard working in the sun.

Got the hedge trimmed and raked, grass seed spread in the front and a game plan layed out for the back. Few more sunny days and we will be ready for the big projects, but will see how loud our bodies yell at us tomorrow. When is the hot tub being delivered????

Hung the 1st bird feeder and saw 2 robins already. Excited to continue the progess and see the changes and the community's reaction to them all. (Its a small town, they all will know (Maybe before we even do!))

Tonight is a night of Final Four basketball, pizza and hopefully a finished, embroidered pillowcase for me. Better get started on it......