February 22, 2012


I missed last week's workout Wednesday due to illness.  Take that as advice tidbit #1: When you are sick, worn out, injured or all of the previous, TAKE TIME OFF!!  It is not good for yourself and just prolongs your recoup time.  I can hear my mother saying the infamous words of "I told you so." 
Other motherly quotes to follow:
Take your vitamins.  Eat your vegetables.
What was your mother's best advice that took you years to realize she was actually right?
Tidbit #2:
When working out whether you are a veteran or a beginner, do something you love, enjoy and can handle both physically and mentally.  I LOVE to run.  It does no good to think that you can run a marathon when you know you might only be able to do a 5K.  Start slow and each day work towards the bigger goal.  Baby steps.

Tidbit #3:
BRAG ABOUT IT!!!!  I LOVE, love, love to hear from my friends when they find the joy and passion in running like I do.  I run for the calm of the open road, the sounds of my pups panting beside me and because it relaxes me while at the same time energizes me.  I don't view it as "bragging."  I view it as passion and excitement that they want to share with me.  Who doesn't want to hear about their friends' excitement?!! 

Tidbit #4:

Do it for yourself and no one else!!!

Find your groove but don't forget to take breaks and be realistic to yourself!  You are not Jillian Michels!!!
I LOVE to run.  What is your passion? 
 I also love to sew, knit, cook, garden, snuggle with my pups, kiss my husband!!


Today's workout was a run and some bike trainer.
Oh, and don't forget the bathtub push ups and leg ups while brushing my teeth.  :) 

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