February 13, 2012


If I just had one more day, one more day and I could accomplish everything I wanted to this weeked!
Yeah right!!!! 
We sure didnt get much done around the house this weekend, but we had fun.

I headed out for a run in the cold Saturday morning as part of the Virtual Run for Sherry and got but maybe a block away before my iPod froze up and so did my lungs!  Runners, please be smarter than I was and dont play Superwoman in the below zero temperatures!! (Sure did feel good to be back to pavement pounding though!!!)

We then got our bags packed and headed to Langdon for a day of ball with a great friend. Started with an hour and a half of racquetball.  I love racquetball and even getting beat badly but my husband cant ruin the fun.  I just have to remember that I can beat him any day in a foot race!!! Ha! Love you dear!!
After getting our sweat on, we headed off to watch some boys basketball district games.  And what games they were!!  Our hometown boys played their hearts out, just to get beat by a buzzer beater, game winning shot from half court.  What an amazingly fun game to watch, but also such a bummer. 

Sunday brought a little bit of cleaning and then into the Etsy world I dove.  Out into the natural light my projects, camera and I went.  Thank goodness traffic was minimal as I stood out there in my pjs!!
Many clicks later, I had projects ready to be listed.  Check some of the out here:  DakotaMaid
and check back in for more coming!

PIP time!
I could not go an entire weekend at home without sewing time!!!
Here is my Sunday's creation.
My oven is now ready for Spring and chirping birdies!
I made the towel from scratch and then added some fun material and stitching.  Wahhhhh-lahhhhh!
Will use as decoration first and then into the daily use drawer it goes.
So much fun!  I have my next one already planned out.

Do you put decorative towels on your oven? If so, what is your favorite?  Seasonal? Animals?

Happy Mindless Monday,


  1. Hand stitched towels always my favorite.

    1. Mine too and what a fun place to display for all to see!

  2. I always have a seasonal towel on my oven! Until the 5th time of picking it up off the floor (from hubby cooking) then it goes back in the drawer (safer there).

    1. I had always wondered how mine would be dirty, but later found out hubby was using them as daily dish towel! MEN!!!

  3. Very pretty and happy towels! I've never made them from scratch or even decorated already made ones.

    1. Thank you! This is my first one from scratch, so it seemed to take forever to make. Add this to you wanna be PIP list?! :)