February 16, 2012


What "things" did you do today?

I took minutes at a board meeting, presented at a board meeting, deposited checks, kissed my husband, vacuumed my floors, kissed my cat, loved on my pups, got the mail, ordered trees, answered phone calls, laughed, blew my nose many...many times, ordered supper for the husband and friends, watched dvr, searched on etsy, searched on ravelry, played some bejeweled, played on facebook, text my mom, text my dad, wished a good friend happy birthday, drank some hot apple cider and now......I am going to bed.

Always doing "something"...........TJO


  1. do you have a cold or is that just a td thing? I bet I blew my nose 100 times today! and what's ravelry? going to google now...later have a good night's rest,you need it!