February 8, 2012


How many of you have used the line "I would love to workout, IF I only had the time?"
I am raising my hand with you, so don't be embarassed!!
I LOVE to workout, but lately I have fallen into a slump and have been using the time excuse excessively.

Using the words of Charles Buxton:
"You will never "find" time for anything.  If you want time, you must make it."

So, now lets look at your time management in a different view shall we?
How many of you:
Brush your teeth daily?
Walk from your living room to the back room?
Use the bathroom?

Ok, everyone should have their hands raised by now.

Here are some exercises I do, while going about my regular day and in reference to the above list.

I do side leg raises while I brush my teeth.
I will do lunges down my hallway. 
Before exiting the bathroom, I will do 10 pushups off the side of the tub.

We will drive by that first parking spot available and opt for the last one when shopping.

While blogging, be sure to sit tall and pull in your ab muscles (regardless of what you may be thinking here, yes, we ALL have ab muscles!)  Just keeping proper posture is great exercise.  For a more advanced option, I will do leg lifts. Keep your abs tight here too.  Think of it as pulling your belly button to your spine.

There are many more ways to "work" some exercise into your normal day.  Tomorrow, from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you crawl back in keep track of all the small, spare moments you have in your day.  Sneak in a walk around the block on your work break.  Go get your own knitting needles instead of asking your husband to do it the next time he is up.  (Who does that?!!!)

Think outside of the box!
Working out DOES NOT have to take place in a gym or weight room and it DOES NOT have to be a burden on your already overscheduled day.  Start small and work towards a goal.
In the words of my husband, baby steps!!

Off for a quick walk around the block.


  1. Whew! worn out just thinking about doing all this. bet I burned 350 calories already.

  2. Ugh! I tried the side leg lifts brushing my teeth - I kicked Sully in the groin,oops! I don't have a hallway, thank God, I hate doing lunges! I tried doing pushups off the side of the tub but, my a** got stuck between the vanity and the toilet. Sully never fails to drop me off at the farthest point from the store so he can sit in the shade and wait (has he been talking to you?)Grrrr. I am now sitting straight up in my chair, shoulders back! Whew, what a workout! Note to self: clean around the tub for tomorrows fiasco.