August 30, 2010


I have started coaching volleyball and getting into the routine has been quite the adjustment. Time flies by and doing the every day things have taken a back seat. 

Find the good: The girls are a blast and I am enjoying every minute spent with them. Im excited and proud to be their coach.

Dad B. was here all last week and I sure miss having him here, but mom won and I returned him home. :)

Find the good: I am so happy and blessed to have the family I do. They are always there for me and always willing and wanting to go the extra mile for me.  They are my best friends!!

Find the good: I am also so happy and blessed to have the fiance that I do. He is so supportive in all that I do and in letting me follow my dream of coaching.

Have you the found the pattern? Today was a good day but not matter what you must find the good in everything. 

If you get a flat tire, maybe it is just time for you to walk and see all that you have around you at a slower pace?

What is the good in your day?

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  1. I just hope that flat tire doesn't happen beside a hog yard!