August 10, 2010

My most recent completed projects.  After making shirts for my twin neices, I decided I wanted to take what I had learned from that project and make some shirts for Charlie's nephews (soon to be mine.)  They were a lot of fun and the colors were so easy to choose; I couldnt go wrong.  I think choosing the colors is about the hardest part of most projects.
My current project is coming along great, despite I am stuck on choosing some of the colors.  So while trying to decide, I completed a dish rag and made 8 sport headbands.  :)
Between the sewing projects, Charlie and I have been scraping and painting continually on the house along with collecting rocks for the frontyard rock garden.  Things are coming along great. We have to keep in mind that all the hard work this summer will make next summer all that much more fun to sit back and enjoy.
Which speaking of enjoying, Im outta here to go enjoy the rest of the evening relaxing (and sewing.)
Good Night and Great Relaxation to all!

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