September 5, 2010


I switched my days of "Labor Day" and Sunday around this weekend.  Today was a great day of getting things done both new and continued.

Started my labor tasks by picking the garden. I sure have enjoyed my garden this year!

I had planned to complete painting the windows, but was rained out early on and only 3 windows done.  Inside I went in disgust and decided to do my first canning experience. Away I went and I ended up canning 6 pints of relish.

I also made purple headbands for the Rolla Bulldogs Junior High volleyball team.  Our first match is this coming Tuesday here in Rolla.  I think I am likely more nervous then the girls themselves!

Then, the skies cleared and the sun made a short appearance.  Out the door I went and finished all the windows but one that I had to do some extra work on.  Tomorrow, I will get to paint some color! day's checklist included: sewed 19 headbands (11 for volleyball girls), 8 windows painted, 6 pints of relish canned, hobo packets for supper, camping shirt patches ironed on and now to play some cards with my fiance!

Good night and happy Labor Day!

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