October 2, 2010



What a day of miscellaneous adventures and tasks. Got up this morning to quite the frost so painting was postponed until the sun warmed things up a bit.  Off we went to the local Flea Market being held. Another man's junk is my treasure (or something like that.) We got more plants to finish our rock garden (pics to come later); I got some new house plants to replace the old that froze in the move; I also got this cute scarecrow for the front of the house and a few other fun items.

Suzy Q and my corn stalks

That fun was over and time to get some work done.  C went and helped a friend with some chickens while I stayed home and finished the primer, cleaned up some yard stuff, mowed the front yard and placed my corn stalks.  :)
Now as the evening winds down and the dishes are all done, C is out getting DQ to end the great work day. 
Tomorrow will be coffee and homemade toaster strudels followed by completion of painting.
Good Night to all; Sweet Dreams.

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  1. 29 degrees here this morning - that'll be the end of my tomatoes and peppers, oh well! Lot's to do here too. I messed up my back yesterday (raking) could you come down and spend some of your energy at Sall Farm???
    Auntie L.