October 11, 2010


 FINALLY!  We are done with the yellow painting on our house.  How can this happen:  I feel like we just started with the first brush stroke, I looked down to redip my brush and when I look up the summer is gone and Ive just finished the last brush stroke?
We have a lot of little projects to finish yet before winter hits, but we took a sigh of relief last night after clean up.
It is nice to step back to say "Look what we did this summer," but I sure am excited for next summer when we get to sit and enjoy it!
Stay tuned for comparison pictures! Be sure you are buckled into your seat so the shock doesnt tip you over!
CHEERS to a summer of hardwork and great accomplishments.  A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all that helped, we could have never done it without you!!!!
Thank you sincerely,

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