September 26, 2010


The sun is shining and energy is slowly buiding to hit the painting and planting. 

After a fun day with my Junior Varsity volleyball team yesterday, I am looking forward to a day with my family around the house. 

I do have to take a quick paragraph to brag about my girls.  They came out a bit tired, but fired back right away to make it into the tournament after some intense pool play games.  Following some nail biting and a few lessons on the court, we ended up with 4th place.  We were the youngest team there and I was the proudest coach there.  GREAT JOB GIRLS!!

Ok, back to that sunshine....

Today is for painting and planting before that dreaded "W" season is upon us.  Oh and dont forget some football games in there too. 

Holy smokes, look at the time!!!  Gotta go.....have a great Sunday!!



  1. careful not to plant those eggs up-side-down, or they won't sprout!

  2. Hmmm? eggs and sour cream? must be making a quiche? or a loaf of bread? don't keep us in suspense...

  3. I made an egg bake for breakfast with all garden fresh veggies in it along with some leftover ham. So easy and so good! And I got to use my new little green man whisk. :) Got that from a great friend, thanks Wendy!