October 5, 2010


I love good quotes that really get your mind working.  
I try to have a good quote for my volleyball girls before each match referencing teamwork, confidence, ambition or anything of the like to get them  pumped and thinking about the true meaning of why they are on the court and to show them that there is more to it then the score.  They always have to give me how the quote pertains to them. Tonight's volleyball quote will be, "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."  What is your thoughts on this quote and how it pertains to my girls (and yourself)?  

I have a great group of girls and I am very proud of them ALWAYS!  
Coach T.


  1. If you could only have one which would you choose? Intelligence or ambition. Well of course...ambition! Seen way to many people with intelligence go no where. Ambition will take you anywhere you want to go. love mom

  2. GREAT quote!!! What a lucky group of girls to have a coach who genuinely wants to motivate them to do better and be a better person! Good luck!!!