October 3, 2010


Perfect start to the day!
What a day!
Started with coffee and homemade strudels.  They may not look restaurant quality but the taste was above restaurant results!! 
Then onto a full day of canning.  Completion list consists of 18 jars or relish, 4 quarts of carrots and 2 freezer pints of carrots.  Dont forget about all the dishes and clean up that go along with that!!  Whew!!
Right when I am ready to throw in the white towel of defeat, C comes and wants help with the rock garden so out the door we went.  2 hours later and 15 more plants in the ground we are finally calling it a day.
Plants are in; now need more rocks.
Overall, it was a great weekend with a great number of things checked off the to-do list. 
Hope everyone had a successful weekend!  Oh and cant go without mentioning the new stack of fabrics I purchased today!!!  Just a few more things to go on the list before I get to play in my sewing room again.  :)
Movie theatre popcorn and mini candy bars to finish the night.  Yummmm...........
Man and his mutt.  :)
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