September 22, 2010


...where the future will take you?

I dont and just about a year ago, I sure didnt expect my future to be where I am today.  It was then that C and I started talking about the possibility of moving 9 hours north.  We were both ready for a change and had no doubts we wanted to do it together.  The time we spent apart was hard, but in the end brought us closer.

We could have never done this change without the support and love from our families.  Maybe that is one thing that I will always know and count on for my future: love and support from my family.

In fact if I only get to choose one thing to know, that is definitely it!  My day to day life revolves around them regardless of the miles between us.  How did they do it before cell phones, text messaging and the internet?! 

What else does the future hold????  Well tonight is Save the Date cards, Criminal Minds and a little bit of volleyball, after that who knows.  Until then, sit back, put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride!!!


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