September 8, 2010


Last night was our first game of the season and we got to open the season in front of our home crowd.  I am a VERY proud and honored coach of 2 amazing teams.  The girls really came through and worked very well as a team.

My junior high team came out very nervous.  They stayed focused and no matter what had fun all while wearing smiles the whole way through.  We won 2-1.

My junior varsity team had me nervous from their previous day's showing at practice, but whatever they did prior to the game worked and I hope they keep it up because they pulled together and we won 2-0.

Varsity also won 3-0.

Tomorrow night we play our rival team in their gym.  The tension will be high and the bleachers will be full.  I know my girls can do it, I have full confidence in them.  My main goal is for them to have fun and walk off the court with pride, everything else (including a win) is all added bonuses.

Better go get my game plan made.  GO BULLDOGS!!!!!
Coach T.

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