June 22, 2010


I took a little me time (ok I never really get "me" time as it is always "me, 3 dogs and cat" but I wouldn't have it any other way) over lunch to bask in the afternoon sun and catch up on some light reading. It is so fun to read and get inspired by what others write. It is so easy for others to point out the obvious, isnt it?!

We learn from others what we already know, but can never seem to realize until its too late or again when others point them out to us. How many interpretations can you come up with for the simple yet powerful, ultimate statement of "I CAN..."? Take but only 10 seconds to fill in that blank.

I CAN......sell those 8 ads, be the best fiance, catch that pop fly at softball tonight, finish painting the house, plan the best wedding ever.....
and these are the things that came to me while answering the phone and composing an ad.

My number 1 rule when coaching is the words "I CANT" are NEVER allowed!! Anybody can run a marathon, its just some of us enjoy it more then others. Anyone can sew a quilt, compose a poem, etc., etc., etc. We just pick and choose our life's tasks and focus on them and the things we enjoy.

So get out that notepad and make your list of "What I want to do this summer." and get moving.....and if you cant come up with something just hit next blog at the top of the page as many times as necessary to find your next inspiration.

Happy blogging!

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