June 16, 2010


The week is halfway over. We said a sad goodbye to Charlie's parents this morning and a great big thank you for all they accomplished for us this past week and a half. Next trip, nothing but fun.

Speaking of next trip of fun, its time to wash the sheets, shake the rugs and vacuum the floors for the next visitors coming on Friday. My parents will be staying with us this weekend and I could not be more excited! Their last trip was nothing but work, so this time it is time to show them the town and just what the Turtle Mountains has to offer.

Today was a productive day at the office and now I am looking forward to a quiet night at home with my new fiance. This will be the first night since the big day!

Oh and there he finally is after a very long day at the office, to bad he doesnt get overtime! We have a wedding fund now you know......

:) Guten Nacht. TJB.


  1. Hey, we don't mind working for our room and board. Sign us up for a day of painting! WoW

  2. Heck NO!!! You earned a year's keep minimum last time you were here. Plus, Im dying to get giddy and girly over engagement and wedding. Its been almost 2 weeks and Ive been holding it in. ..........Pause to look at ring...........