June 19, 2010


Us ladies meandered around the house while the boys hooked up cable in the spare bedroom and also hooked up the ice maker in the fridge. After a hard day's work, we headed to the border to wave at the Canadians as mom and dad havent gotten their passport cards yet. After waving and mom mooned them, we headed south to eat some Greek (well at least the cook was greek.)

Then off to a friend's farm to pick some rhubarb and check out the chickens. He raises his own and has the cutest farm with only chickens, horses and an amazing garden.

We grilled steaks, potato packets and corn for supper tonight. Followed by fresh baked rhubarb custard pie. Now overfed and pooped from a long day of fun with the folks.

Tomorrow will start with a big Father's day breakfast, grilling by a lake and another great supper of pork medallians, mashed potatos and a veggie.

Better hit the hay and get prepared.

1 comment:

  1. Never miss a chance to moon a Canadian.
    Sounds like a fun day!!