March 23, 2010


-------+++- Ani-kins blog for tonight. :)

No matter how much you plan your day, always leave time to order and smell the pizza.

Today was a typical day at the office though a bit cold again. Tomorrow I am on the road and to my surprise I get to travel with Charlie. Fingers crossed, tomorrow I will come home with some ad sales or at least something fun from shopping!

I got my car vacuumed out and wow what a surprise, I have a back seat to my Envoy! Who knew?!?! The kiddos have had the run of the road since the big move. Now if I could only find the legs to the dog gate.

Tried to do some sewing for the first time in years tonight and well, not so good of a turn out! I sewed the pin cushion shut without stuffing it! :( Was then laughing to hard to continue.

Planning a trip to the gym and even volleyball when low and behold, my man comes home after a rough day and what better way to cheer him up then to talk it out over pizza and a beer! I am slowly but surely learning to stop and leave time to order and smell the pizza.

Enough for today, time for some hot chocolate and knitting. So to all I know and love, always be sure to stop and smell the pizza (when there are no flowers.)

Love, Tildy

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