March 22, 2010


Another Monday over and here I sit attempting to tackle the task of building a blog. Why? Because mom says so...

In saying that, I found it only appropriate to use a pic of things my mother gave me throughout the years. Keep in mind this was all done at 10pm on a Monday night! Disney pic is from a 2007 calendar, flowered head piece is from the Renacance Festival in MN, foot pads from my wonderful foot massager and my favorite Valentine's Day gift ever, my pink troll.

Onto the other (less important) reasons I caved to a blog...

I am currently working at the local newspaper and think that this will be one way to get my creative juices flowing again as well as learn more about that fancy camera we bought last year. I am in ad sales, marketing and graphic design.

I am also struggling with those pesky mid-night thoughts that wake me up and are more annoying then helpful. I am hoping by boring everyone else in the blog world, I have a better chance of keeping Charlie at my side and sleep in my schedule.

Time to call it night. -TJB


  1. fun, sunny spot to visit everyday when I'm missing my daughter!

  2. Uhhhh, I just don't see my BUSY niece keeping up a blog...we'll see. Love your first post!!