March 1, 2012


Have I shared how much I love blogland?!
There are so many new things to learn, people to meet, stories to share, and much, much more.

I was out cruising in blogland and came across this brilliant idea:
I am not one for reinventing the wheel and after reading her fun tutorial I would want to use her words anyway, so I am going to give you my short version. 
Then be sure to hightail it over to her blog for the full, in-depth version!


After a trip to the local hardware store for the clear tubing ($1 for a 1 ft.),
I found my blade and away I went.

SUPPLIES (Band-aids are always needed when I play with sharp objects)
I did have to adjust the width for my older bobbins, so be sure to measure before you cut, it will save you some steps and possibly some band-aids!
This project took me maybe 10 minutes total and the price was definitely right.

Are you still here?!
Thank you, but now go get your own!
DIY Bobbin Clips from Schlosser Designs


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  1. Wow, gonna try this. I'll get Mr b right on it.