March 5, 2012

MINDLESS MONDAY is almost over

Thank goodness!!
Having one of "those" days on a Monday is dangerous!

Cant get out of bed on time....
Run out of dog food....
Oh crud, its garbage day.
Better clean out the litter box first.
Oh, man look at the time!!

The curse also got to Mr. CEO, as he had a rough day too.  Rougher than mine big time.

What do you do when things are down?

I, personally, look forward to the hug and kiss at the end of the day from Mr. CEO.  It always seems to melt all worries away.  Then I might sew a little bit, ride a few miles on the trainer and then crawl into a nice warm bed with a good book on my new NOOK.  :)

Better luck tomorrow.


How can you not smile when in this man's arms?!!!

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