March 9, 2012

FEATURE FRIDAY: Who wants a piece of cutie pie?

This Friday I am featuring my sweet, cutie pie twin nieces.

I do not get to see them near enough, but think about them lots.
I am hoping to get to see them the end of this month and boy have I been having fun making new things for them and thinking of ways to play with them and get those heart melting giggles.

I would love any fun suggestions you may have?!

It is usually my goal to make them giggle lots, learn new things, be confused at least once on what the heck I am talking about, they always correct me if I am wrong on anything, and I make sure they are good and tired when I return them to their mom and dad.

I can't wait!!!!!

Aunt TJO


  1. OMG, where did the time go! That was you and Tyson just a few days ago??? I bet you've thought of everything you need to get the giggles going, that's what fun Aunts do!

    1. I have an awesome Aunt that I learned that from! :)

  2. They are darling darling. I think being an aunt is the best thing ever. Unlike you I have a new kindle fire. Love it. Basically they are the same thing I think, anyway. Love my toys.

    1. Wish I was closer to do more "Aunt" things with them, but still agree that it is best thing! :)
      I'm loving my NOOK and all that it offers! Toys keep us young, right?!