August 8, 2012

Little things for little hands

I had so much fun (most of the time) making this Wee Mouse Tin.  I have to admit that I rushed to do it in hopes that I would, for once, beat my mom to a project!  :) 

I learned with each step and not sure that I will get used to working with tiny things, as my crazy but very dear friend Rachael loves to do, but will for sure be making more of these for all of the little tykes in my life.

I sent this first one to the daughter of a good friend of mine that I dont get to see near enough.  Little Miss Zohy has so much going on this year she needs a secretary at age 5! She will be starting school, becoming a big sister and daily caretaker for her grandma soon!  Whew......  If she is even partially like her mother, she can handle all of that plus move the mountains!!

To dear friends!


  1. Better start cranking these cuties out fast!

  2. way too cute and how much fun they will have playing with this!