August 2, 2012

Absent But Not Lost....

It has been a while but my trees are all planted and fabric layed so I am back.  Oh, we went on a wonderful vacation also (more on that later.)

Here is one of my latest projects.  Please let me introduce you to Dilby Duck.

He was my first toy project and with minky ta-boot!  I learned some things in the process and cant wait to do some more of these cute little guys.  Cant say these will make it into our etsy shop but hopefully some cute little tikes will sure enjoy him.

What is your latest project?

Glad to be back,


  1. Hey, glad you're back! Loved the post cards!

  2. This little fellow is adorable, did you use a pattern? I have a grandson who wants a pladipus and I might be able to modify using this "if" it was a pattern.