August 30, 2012

For the love of animals

What makes you smile every day, no matter what your mood?

Myself, I have so much right now that makes me happy I could fill the page and more.
Regardless of last week, this week or next week, these four legged kiddos (oh, and the two legged) make me smile and forget all my worries.

Let me introduce my family to you:

Lucy is the puppy of the crew. CEO and I adopted her from a local vet that takes in strays. She is so full of energy and love. She wakes up CEO every morning by pushing and nudging him in bed (they are not allowed on the funiture or I think it would be a full dog pile!) 

Lei-a (in white) and Ani-kin (in brown)
Ani-kin was my first puppy and has been through a lot with me. I adopted him from the local Humane Soceity.  He gets into his fair share of trouble, but overall is the best dog I have ever had.  Such a lover, wanting to be a lap dog.

Lei-a was not planned. What do they call them "oopses?" I was donating food and blankets to the local Humane Society one day and she went running by the door.  It was love at first sight and I just had to have her.  She is spoiled rotten and our little diva.

This is Maggie.  I adopted her from the local Humane Society (see a theme here?) to keep Ani-kin company and out of trouble when I took a job out of town.  She is a complete momma's girl!
Maggie recently went missing and after a couple week's of much heartache from me, she thankfully was found.  She is a bit traumatized and then came home to this little man....explains the look of "Really, mom? Really??"

We adopted Norris from an organization our sister helps with.  It was meant to be. It took some time to get him healed up from being neutered (the best words from Bob Barker "Please have your pets spayed or neutered) and declawed, but he is so much fun and so sweet.  He was chasing Maggie around this morning (refer to the picture above for her response).

Its a crazy family, but its mine.
What made you smile today?



  1. Crazy crazy life, and oh the stories involving the above.

  2. I'm so happy Maggie is home safe!! Welcome to the zoo Norris!!