August 10, 2012

Farm Fresh Friday

How fun would it be to go shopping every week at a Farmer's Market full of gorgeous like this?!!

While we were in San Fransisco a few weeks back( more to come on that), we were walking up to get our coffee and fresh baked breakfast and we ran across this Farmer's Market just being set up.  I was in complete awe!! A whole street filled with fresh veggies, fruit and fish.  I was in so much awe that I didn't get a picture of the fish.......have to go back, don't you think??

Do you have a local Farmer's Market?



  1. Okay now I'm hungry for artichoke dip, the kind with a nice browned top.

  2. OMG! Pink and yellow cauliflower?? This looks better than an Easter Basket of candy!! Can I move to that neighborhood, PLEASE!! Thanks for the linky, Tildy!

  3. Visiting from Big Etsy Contest Team to say "hello!" Those fresh produce looks amazing and I'd like some of barb's artichoke dip!