January 6, 2011


I am on the possible search for a new sewing machine. C has given me clearance on getting one and can you believe that I am dragging my feet on saying yes?! I have reviewed some online and boy was that a bad place to begin.  Way too many options and places to search. I want some extra bells and whistles but only need a few. I have a few "must haves" of a zipper foot, stretch stithes and good choice of variable stitch options. Right now I have the very basic machine and thinking to take a couple of steps up to get me through many years to come of sewing projects. 
I am open and begging for ideas.  PLEASE, PLEASE, OH PLEASE?!


  1. My best recommendation is go "test drive" some machines and don't buy the first one. I believe a sewing machine is a personal thing, we all like what we have for various reasons. I personally have not sewn on a lot of machines and wish I had paid more attention to the ones I have used, through-out school. I used my mothers singer growing up and she even upgraded to disk with fancy stitches (dont recommend). My first machine was a Kenmore and I still have it (almost gave to DD but, then that left me without a backup) I still use the machine and sometimes wonder why I bought a new one (someone once told me that Janome made Kenmore but, don't quote me as I don't know for sure) I now, own a Saphire made by Viking/Huskavarna. I bought the top of that line at the Saphire line at the time and I know they have since got another, that has even more. I like the machine but, not convinced it will be my last machine. It is designed for quilters and has the extra wide throat, which is nice. It has a ton of other bells and whistles of which I still haven't used or don't know/understand how to use. The one thing my machine has that I LOVE is needle up/down. My old Kenmore doesn't and that is probably my only gripe about that old machine, it still has nice stiching (also, no button hole stitch). The Saphire does but, it takes an extra stitch, that I am not crazy about, hard to explain until you see it. I know that before I buy my next machine, I will test drive more. Good luck, I will curious to see what you end up with!

  2. I have a Phaff. I LOVE that it has the attached walking foot. At the time I purchased it, I was doing a lot of quilting & I couldn't get a walking foot attachment to work for me. I have never had problems with this attached one. I also love having several programable stitch options (30 - I think, but haven't used them all). My only regret has been that I didn't spend a little more money and get one that could embroider the alphabet. I've many times wished that I could quickly monogram or name something....

    Good luck in your search. -STACY