January 12, 2011


According to my father, I am a master of excuses!  How does that old saying go? Stick with what you are good at?! 
Excuses for my absence and lack of blogs.....
Foot surgeries-Only 4 more weeks of crutches!!
Playing nurse-Cancelled the scheduled appts. for dressing change and stitch removal and decided that I could do them myself and stash the funds into the wedding account instead.
Cheerleader-We try to attend all the home basketball games that we can. I want to support my volleyball girls in all that they do. Plus, I need to keep my coach yelling up to par, right?!
Team Coordinator-I have been inducted as the new team coordinator for the local Relay for Life event. I am very excited to be back in it and will accept any and all fundraising, day of event activities, and just any ideas that will help, please.
My biggest and best excuse:
Today's accomplishments so far and one of my most exciting is booking my photographer! I contacted a very talented and creative lady from the back lands of SD.  I'm not sure who is more excited for her acceptance of the job: her or myself.  THANK YOU AUNT LISA!!!!
Check out some of her work and the fun Mosaic Monday stuff on her blog: Sall's Country Life
Watch out Florida, here we come!!!
Bride-to-be TJB

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  1. You bet your patootie I'm excited!! I spent 3 hours online trying to figure out that letter thing. I may have to write them a nasty letter for teasing us like that!! Have no fear, I'll come up with a BETTER one! So honored you and Charlie even considered me for taking pictures at the wedding! I'm excited and sweating bullets all at the same time. Woo Hoo! Get ready Florida, here we come!