January 4, 2011


 Greetings from the cold North.  It has been awhile since I have been able to blog.  Between another foot surgery (which is why I had to borrow a picture), college basketball and new projects, I am bouncing from here to there and never actually leaving the recliner. 
I am back on crutches for 6 more weeks, but healing good and taking advantage of the last run of complete down time before returning the go-go-go lifestyle I cant and dont seem to want to change.
We are in the midst of the 6 month long college basketball season as well, which means C is always looking for the newest stats, what  possible recruit is signing on and when the next Kansas Jayhawks game is airing.  I am breaking down to enjoy the sport more and more each season and especially like March Madness! But I still wear my UNC hat vs. his Kansas.  (We arent married yet!)
I am hoping to post pictures of my newest projects that include crocheting edging around a baby blanket and matching burp cloth (no there is no hidden meaning behind me starting these projects.)  My mom taught me over the Christmas break and I cant wait for my next lesson.  I have also begun work on a sweater vest for myself.  It is a pretty easy pattern to most Im sure, but doing all those stitches, it would be a heartbreak to go back and find a mistake dont you think?!
Oh, here is my lunch and boy is the delivery boy a handsome one.  I just may have to hit on this one!!  :P (It is C.)
Have a great day!

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