January 27, 2011


You ever just have those moments? 
I'm not refering to the ones when there are just too many bodies in the kitchen!
I mean the ones where you stop and count your blessings to realize
just how lucky in life you really are?
My Mom and I have been working on wedding things and today I just had to stop and smile ear-to-ear thinking about how much I am enjoying every text, email and phone call that we get to make back and forth.
In between Mom and I's contacts, comes my Dad reminding me and following up on something for me. I hope he still does this when I'm 50!  I just love it when "Dad" shoes up on my caller ID while my phone rings with my "Parent Alert" ringtone.
I do have to go back to my Mom quick and all of her talents.  She is a blogger and today she blogged about another one of her fun projects that I am so jealous of.  Check it out: http://knitandpearl-barb.blogspot.com/  She is so creative in all that she does!
Oh, I cannot leave out my husband-to-be, CEO.  He has been so patient and helpful through my 2 foot surgeries this winter, wedding planning and everything in between.  There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't make me smile.
Great childhood memories, great family, just an overall great life.  Sure I have had my down days, but why dwell on them for even a second when there are so many more great days to focus on?!
Thank you to all that make my life great!!
Have a GREAT day, filled with lots of moments!

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  1. You just stay up there at the top of the world and don't let anyone push you off. My favorite saying "Don't cry over spilled milk"
    love ya, mom